CRM Development Company Singapore

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There are a number of reputed CRM vendors likes SAP, Salesforce and Oracle. But there are 2 major problems with their off the shelve solution

  • Difficulty in customising their solution to your own personalised business processes
  • And if you choose to have them customised it, the cost is highly unfeasible

Instead of spending money in unneccessary and complicated CRM software, why not create your own business processes and determine how it is supposed to be. The cost factor is also much more feasible than paying a subscription fees perpetually. The Orfeostory team has years of experience developing customised CRM systems and we are able to grasp and understand YOUR business process, ultimately it is your business and you determine how its run. Here are some reasons to create your own CRM systems

  • No recurring cost even as your business expands
  • Optimum Integration with Your Business Operation
  • Your Exact Needs, No More, No Less
  • Scalability to evolve as your business expands.