Dependency of Andriod and iOS app in our regular life.

The world we live in is constantly shifting, with new technologies that surrounds us, and we are constantly walking towards the future. People are depending on devices and using applications to get information and things that they need. Be it if they are using mobile phones, tablets, or other mobile devices, they have all the information they need with the help of mobile app development. Mobile app development is the process of making or creating a mobile application to run on various platforms. There are many apps that are now online that can make a person’s life easier. Mobile app development is something that most companies are trying to get their hands on. Mobile app can vary from shopping, ordering your favourite food, finding for places or any other activities that can be done online. Mobile app have become an essential to our daily live.


Is developing a mobile app really that important and necessary for companies to sustain their businesses? We got to accept the fact that the world has gone mobile. With mobile app development, it offers on-the-go marketing. This increases customer engagement hence, it gives recognition to both the company as well as the app developer.

Previously I mentioned on how mobile app can make a person’s life easier. Let’s take an example of the app Orfeostory have in store. The app is called Virality. Virality is an app where people can use to find places in Singapore that gives the best deal. Places range from food & beverage, retail, beauty & salon and more. Such app will definitely come in handy. With this, mobile app development is important for any types of businesses as it has the ability to reach to a large number of potential customers and also build customer loyalty. With this being said, it is encourage for business to own a mobile application for their company if they want to boost up their business.

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