E-commerce Web Development.

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E-commerce Web Development
E-commerce Web Development

E-COMMERCE : What Makes or Breaks it ?

Four decades have passed since the pioneering of e-commerce. Many things have changed since then, and now billions of people shop from millions of e-commerce websites. Still only 1 in 33 websites become successful, and the rest fails. Getting on in years, we’ve figured out why!

For any e-commerce business, many factors come into play when performance is concerned. We take care of certain factors like usability, search engine ranking, transaction security, confidentiality of sensitive information, etc. to keep you ahead of the competition. A well-built website with a thoughtful display of products an easy checkout process could be enough. But success amid competition this huge requires much more. We’re proud to be able to deliver those essentials through our state-of-the-art solutions.

E-commerce Data Visualisation

Data Visualisation.

In today’s increasingly competitive environment, researching facts and figures are a must to ensure your implemented strategies are well fortified. Having data on your side allows you to track customer buying behaviours and patterns. All our clients are equipped with data analytical tools to have the extra edge over their competitors.

E-commerce Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence .

Having Artificial Intelligence on your e-commerce website proves to be extremely helpful via means of automation, this allows for increased efficiency and high cost savings. We believe that all our clients should be equipped with an AI Retail Assistant Chatbot. Also, how about automated product recommendations? Our AI modules are able to capture what type of products a particular customer is interested in, and recommend them related products!

E-commerce Customer Grouping

Customer Grouping.

Many e-commerce platforms have a far greater reach than before, having a wide range of customers from all sorts of age groups, cultures, or countries. Which is why generalised marketing schemes do not work as well as before. With our Customer Grouping Module integrated, you will be able to have your customers grouped accordingly to filters, which allows for targeting different kinds of customers with unique marketing strategies.

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