Testimonials & Reviews


Orfeostory brought positive value-add to us for the Next Host campaign – right from the ideation phase, to the execution of the microsite. We were able to depend on them sufficiently throughout the campaign, as they were helpful in complementing our online efforts through their quick solutions and understanding of our requirements.


Trade Marketing Manager Media Sales
Group Consumer
Shawal Lee

We engaged Orfeostory to design a viral campaign to raise awareness of process efficiency within the bank. It was a really tall order to communicate something as intangible and unexciting such as ‘process efficiency’; yet Orfeostory was able to decipher our needs and translate them into impactful visuals with insightful content. The campaign was a resounding success, with positive feedback received across the bank. We highly recommend Orfeostory to anyone looking for graphic design work. So, thank you Orfeostory for listening to our needs and going above and beyond.


Standard Chartered Bank
ASA Process Effectiveness Team in Singapore

The Orfeostory team did an amazing job for our website: www.fitnutloft.com – My team love the website and so does everyone else.


Founder of FitNut Loft

Dear Mark and Desmond,

I would like to put on record our heartfelt thanks to Orfeostory for making this project a great success. And for me personally, the greatest takeaway from this is how you both epitomise the spirit of giving and always wanting to give the best in making the system work better with your never-ending lifelines. Thank you again.



Head of Religious Rehabilitation Group (RRG) Secretariat
Mr. Salim Mohamed Nasir

Dear Mark/Desmond,
Thank you very much for assisting us throughout the creation of our Client’s mobile app! Orfeostory is an innovative and passionate company with wonderful knowledge and skills of the IT service which caters to all our individual enquires or even making time our of their busy schedule for any discussions needed. We look forward to working together with Orfeostory again in future


Dr Poon Kee Hwang
Brace Specialist of My Braces Clinic
menu-logo copy

I had a pleasure of working with Orfeostory team in setting Fit Trail concept and they have been a valuable partner from day 1. A very professional approach and delivering on the commitments has been a constant in our project. I will definitely have Orfeostory as my partner in the coming phases of the project.


Filipe Costa

These guys are a pleasure to work with! Great team and professional work ethics!


CEO of Doctorappraisal pte Ltd
Tan Yue Wei

Coachez set off on an ambitious plan to connect coaches and students together.

Orfeostory brought this to life with a team reflecting creativity, customer-centricity and experienced solution-drivers.

We have grown and learnt collectively with the project with deliverables often exceeding expectations and would recommend any organisation to let the Orfeostory team bring greater value out of concept, into real life.


The Coachez App Co-Founder
Daniel Chan