Custom Video Animation

Custom Video Animation Agency in Singapore

Over the past several years, we’ve made significant strides in jobs like animation and video creation. The more companies in Singapore our agency have served, the better our video animators got at creating awesome video animations.

Our video animators help businesses in Singapore differentiate their text and video content, so they can strengthen their marketing drives and improve their social media presence. We look forward to taking our flair of video animation to the next level.

Custom Video Animation Agency in Singapore
Custom Video Animation Singapore

Video Animation in Singapore

Specialties of Our Custom Video Animation

Professional Video Production Facility

The video animation facility at our Singapore office includes high-end cameras, motorized sliders, licensed media editing applications, and other essential apps which allow our video animators to give life to their unique imaginations.

Authenticity and Functionality

Our gifted video animators can create real-life texture and ensure authenticity of elements in animation. They can create realistic and credible facial synching for both objects and human figures the way people love to see.

Focus on Engagement and Expression

Video animators at our company know how important video animation can be to the exposure of your Singapore based business, they build a proactive animation workflow to make it easy for you to manage your video content demands.

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Custom Video Animation Agency in Singapore

One Stop Solution for Custom Video Animation

A manufacturing company may need to communicate its unique ideas to its audience. A service company may want to touch base with its customer base in Singapore. Even a large corporation may need video animation to highlight their upcoming technologies or events.

Orfeostory’s video animators are able to use their ingenuity to help all of these companies with their effort to make their use cases more engaging and memorable through explanatory and functional video animations.

Every creative professional at our agency contributes to our work by bringing original ideas, using latest video animation tools, and advanced techniques, so our visual creation stands out as being of high-quality and value.

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Custom Video Animation FAQs

Which Professionals Are on Your Video Animation Team?

Our company has a video animation workforce consisting of a concept artist, a script writer, a graphic designer, an animator, and a project manager. All of these people are from Singapore, and they work together when a video animation project is assigned. We’ve the provisions to find more animators based on project requirements.

How Fast Can You Complete a Custom Animated Video from Start to Finish?

As you know video animation isn’t something you do overnight. But we always try our best to finish a video animation project within deadlines specified by clients. If we’ve to extend the deadline even by a day, we do that upon your consent. The fastest delivery of a video animation for a Singapore conglomerate took us 3 weeks.

What Different Video Animation Styles Orfeostory Can Create Videos in?

Our video animators can create explainer videos in a wide variety of styles including motion infographics, whiteboard, character, 2.5 D/ 3D animation, and AR/ VR 360° videos. However, we gladly appreciate your inputs hoping that those will cater to the expectations of your audience in Singapore.

How Many Times May I Request for Revisions within the Project Timeline?

Although we’re not a video animation agency with twenty years of experience working in Singapore’s market, we feel happy to tell you that our video animators have completed most of our projects with only 3-4 revision requests. But it doesn’t mean you cannot ask us to apply revisions as you see fit. We offer as many revisions as you need throughout a project. If you need to include new requirements, it’ll lead to revisions which we’ll do happily but at a small additional charge.


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You may have heard custom video animation comes at a high price, especially the ones for a company in Singapore. We invite you to visit our agency and let us provide affordable video animation service that makes a difference.

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