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App developers at our company consider user experience as the key to success in a competitive market like Singapore’s where users want to browse products, use features like shopping carts, payments, ratings, and reviews without getting overwhelmed.

Since most of our e-commerce app developers are raised in this vibrant area, they are aware of the tastes that Singapore’s people cherish profoundly. So, each of our e-commerce app development projects is handled with the customers’ preferences in mind.

e-Commerce Mobile App Development

e-Commerce Mobile App Development Services

Specialties of Our e-Commerce Mobile App Development

Simple Onboarding and Quick Navigation

Complicated navigation or UI design may cause people to move away too quickly from an e-commerce app to another despite no points of failure. So, we keep the whole thing simple to allow for instant onboarding while collecting the required information.

Fast Order and Checkout

Customers use e-commerce apps to either browse products from brands in Singapore to check out the collection and/or make a purchase. So, every second counts. Developers of our agency make certain that customers complete the ‘order and checkout process’ without tiring themselves out.

Secure In-App Payment Options

Our e-commerce app development process includes the integration of all payment methods allowed in Singapore. We add an in-app payment system built with robust security and encryptions, so customers can complete their transactions without losing safety.

Orfeostory Dots

e-Commerce Mobile App development agency in Singapore

One Stop Solution for e-Commerce Mobile App Development

The goal of any e-commerce app development job awarded to us by a client in Singapore is to increase user engagement and conversion. Helping with mobile app retention by building brand loyalty is also within our area of specialization.

As a growing e-commerce app development agency, we are to work with more than a few SMBs in Singapore, which is why we know the fact that push notifications are one of the crucial elements of the UX delivered by an e-commerce app.

The developers of our company work rather intelligently than impulsively. Our e-commerce apps send notifications for shipment, hot deals, discounts, availability, suggestions, etc. without making your customers in Singapore see them as a turnoff.

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e-Commerce Mobile App Development FAQs

Can I Use Analytics for Mobile E-Commerce Apps?

Sure thing! An e-commerce app without analytics cannot help you much to understand how things are going for your company. Not only do we allow the use of analytics, our agency maintains the best data management practice so that you can benefit from the power of data on Singapore’s consumers.

Can You Bring Augmented Reality into E-Commerce App Development?

Our mobile app development agency has completed a few projects where our e-commerce developers implemented AR based solutions to enrich the scope of those e-commerce apps. Our agency doesn’t have a decade of experience in this area of app development, but we can still help you.

My App Have a Personalized Product Recommendation Engine?

We understand that an e-commerce app without any system in place to bring personalized product recommendations is not what the smart population of Singapore would love to stick to. So, we integrate a custom and efficient product recommendation engine into your e-commerce application. If you’ve a special preference regarding the choice of such a system into a mobile app, our e-commerce developers can work on that too.

Can You Offer More Functionalities Besides E-Commerce App Features?

Our e-commerce app developers and experts in Singapore’s consumerism work together to get to the bottom of clients’ requirements and create a comprehensive plan for the development side. Included in the plan are all requirements set by the client and demanded by the very development side. So, you can expect our company to be able to bring in any feature that complies with the mobile app development industry and other factors associated with e-commerce app development.


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Singapore is constantly on top of entrepreneurs’ list of places to start an e-commerce business. The competitiveness here is also considerable. A great e-commerce app can help you take your company where you want it. Do you want one now? Just call us.

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