How to Choose a Web Design Company in 3 Easy Steps?

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Just enter ‘web design company’ into your search box and hit the search button. Dozens of results will appear in less than a second. You don’t need all of them except only one that can help you with the design of a new or an existing website. But how can you choose?

In Singapore, ‘business is booming’, and so is the industry of web and IT services. Promises of excellence and satisfaction are always there. You know some of them are too good to be true.

You can prepare a list of common questions about experience, prices, and all, and then get the answers from a bunch of companies. Chances are the findings won’t help much unless you know if the services will be tailored to your special demands.

In this article, we’ll talk about the most familiar factors and let you know which things about those factors actually matter while hiring a company. Let’s begin the discussion.

#1 Portfolio and Work History

Experience shows a lot more than other things combined. The majority of Singapore’s web design companies have 2-5 years of true experience while a few have over ten years under their belts.

Working for different clients over a couple of years can be sufficient for a company to build an impressive portfolio of websites and UIs. More years bring more examples. Sure thing!

Portfolio and Work History

Does that mean you can hire such a company immediately? Like everyone else, you deserve to get what works for your business. Even an award-winning restaurant theme may not be ideal for your family-owned eatery.

However, you cannot just ignore the numbers on a company’s profile. Try to find at least two projects that share similarities to yours. Ask the designers about the unique challenges of those projects and the ways they handled them. Read between the lines of their answers.

If you are fortunate enough to know someone who worked with the company previously, you can ask that individual and find the truth about their claims.

#2 Diversity and Skills

If you are big on trends, you might want to choose any of these niches – food, restaurants, fashion, beauty, travel, luxury, technology, parenting, property, personal finance, etc. These industries have gained a lot of traction with Singaporeans. But looking beyond them is alright.

The companies on your list of preferences have probably served clients from all of these sectors. Ask them questions as to how they shifted their thoughts and approaches to create custom designs for their previous clients.

Diversity and Skills

Web design can be flat, minimalistic, illustrative, or a mix of these concepts. Whatever is in your mind may also require something entirely out of the box.

For example, you may not want to see a lot of buttons/CTAs. Some people love to have a lot of purposeful visuals while keeping the webpages free of clutters and distractions.

It is important that the service provider is able to use as few or many of them as required but still make the site accessible from all corners. After all, usability is something you don’t want to compromise on just for the sake of aesthetics.

An ideal service company should have proven skills in a wide variety of languages and frameworks, and access to various tools instead of just a few. Also, they should be ready to utilize up-to-the-minute innovations (updates in languages, frameworks, software, etc.) if needs arise.

Only a web design company with varied skill sets, readiness to give due diligence (research), and deep understanding of your audience can ensure all these.

#3 Work Process and Pricing Strategy

These two factors are no less important than the above ones because answers to any question that falls under these considerations are critical to your decision-making.

We’ve found many clients who have little to no idea about how we, the web designers, actually work. All they are eager to see is what we finally bring to them. That is understandable.

But a trustworthy designer will not hesitate to talk when asked anything about the process. It is next to impossible to know what you’re going to receive in the end without understanding the work process of a company.

Work Process and Pricing Strategy

You can ask as many questions as you see fit, and a reliable service provider has friendly staff to provide information that satisfies your queries and clarifies any possible situation that may arise during the design and development processes.

Once you explain what exactly you expect and how soon; you should be allowed to have questions such as to which prototyping and wireframing tools to be in use, how long to submit the first draft, and how requests for changes or complaints to be handled.

Part of a company’s work process includes their attention to details. It is one of the factors that helps you distinguish the best of the crowd. Not all web designers are equally capable of focusing on details like image captions, search result pages, maintenance notices, 404 error pages, map integration, etc. You need people with eyes on these small details.

The next thing is the pricing policy that a company comes with. A complete web design package that includes a homepage, 4-5 other internal pages, and custom visuals should cost anywhere between S$1,000 and S$2,500. You’ll be looking at higher prices if greater attention is required on the development end.

Going lower or higher than the above figures doesn’t necessarily make the services cheaper or more expensive. The company should let you explain the details and then provide a quote that is not only competitive but also reasonable.

Final Words

Make sure the web design company you’re going to choose has the ability to complement your thoughts and make positive contributions to every step of the plan.

It means you don’t always need to have 100% of the project thought out in your mind, but a dependable professional knows how to bring out your inner ideas and fuse them into a remarkable design that goes a long way in your business goals.

Do you want to spare yourself the troubles of choosing a trustworthy web design agency? Orfeostory has a wonderful solution to offer. Call us for more details and let’s start creating an awesome design today!

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