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Hybrid Mobile App Development Company in Singapore

Before we began as a mobile app development company in Singapore, we heard little about hybrid apps. Times changed, and so did we as we saw great potentials for businesses that might be choosing these low-cost yet high-speed iterations of mobile apps.

The entire app development industry in Singapore wasn’t much familiar with hybrid apps until 2010. Many SMBs in Singapore now look to provide their audience with native mobile app experience using a simple backend. We just tapped into this possibility and utilized our app development skills.

Hybrid Mobile App Development

Hybrid Mobile App Development

Specialties of Our Hybrid Mobile App Development

UI/UX Testing for Hybrid App Consistency

Hybrid apps aren’t known for reliability regarding UX. Our hybrid app developers apply proven UI/UX testing methods across various mobile operating systems. These hybrid app development experts test all UI changes thoroughly across a wide variety of mobile screens and resolutions.

Solution to Payment Issues

Payment systems in a hybrid app typically connect through various frameworks, plugins, or SDKs and go through Google Pay or Apple Pay during internal purchases. Developers at our agency keep track of changes in a mobile app’s native features, so they can ensure the app’s stability.

Utmost Scalability

Once hybrid apps were only meant for a few users. But developers of these mobile apps have seen the user base around the world growing significantly. In Singapore, we too have noticed it and enriched our hybrid app development services to optimize the design, performance, and usability.

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Hybrid app development agency in Singapore

One Stop Solution for Hybrid App Development

We’ve seen many local businesses in Singapore showing concerns about the scalability of a hybrid app. Well, the concern isn’t invalid, but our mobile app developers know better than forcing you to plan for a native app development project.

Taking inspirations from top tech companies like Facebook, Instagram, or even Gmail, we’ve managed to devise an excellent app development strategy to bring you a custom business solution (hybrid app) at an affordable price.

Hybrid app developers in Singapore and everywhere face another challenge – poor user experience from restrictions to the UI design unlike a native mobile app. We follow standard development procedures to overcome most of these limitations.

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Hybrid Mobile App Development FAQs

Which Hybrid App Framework and SDKs Can You Use?

Each member of our app development agency in Singapore specializes in at least one of these frameworks and tools such as React Native, Flutter, PhoneGap, Apache Cordova, Ionic, Xamarin, TypeScript, and Native JS. Moreover, we’ve proven methodologies to employ when it comes to the utilization of 3rd party plugins, APIs, and libraries.

What’s the Biggest Problem with a Hybrid App and How Do You Handle This?

Every critical hybrid app issue that our developers faced so far is somehow related to its performance, making it the most challenging aspect of hybrid app development, especially for a company with a growing user base. Other problems include slow loading and transition, slow arrival of new features, etc.

Although these issues cannot be completely eliminated, our Singapore-based agency follows time-tested app development architectures so that the performance of an app is as good as it gets. Starting from the design phase, our developers use the latest and most reliable hybrid app development frameworks.

Will You Provide Constant Updates and Supports for My Hybrid App?

It’s a one of common questions we’ve encountered while gathering over a decade of working experience with hundreds of companies in Singapore. We keep dedicated space within our workflow with regards to constant updates and maintenance since the very first minute our designers start designing the UI of the application. So, you need not worry about the cost of a hybrid app project or our availability during the hours of crisis.

Can You Get a Hybrid App Approved by App Store or Play Store?

A few years ago, one of our company staff was reached by a reputable company in Singapore that awarded us a large project that involved the development of three different hybrid apps. We got all of those approved. FYI, those mobile apps got rejected before being handed over to our agency.

The reason behind telling this story is that we’ve helped a lot of individuals and businesses with this issue since we started as a full-service app development agency. We could even demonstrate some of the finest hybrid app examples if you want.


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Despite a hybrid app’s ability to let users enjoy the best of both worlds (web and native mobile apps), you might have doubts just as did many of our clients who have customers everywhere in Singapore. Feel free to call us and let one of our developers explain.

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