Interactive Website Features to Impress Your Singapore Audience

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Interactive content ensures twice as much engagement as static content does. But how do you create them and offer your audience? As a matter of fact, an interactive website is where you can put all your content.

In practice, interactive content is part of interactive web design which has certain qualities to add value to your users in Singapore and gain conversion. Whether you’re running a B2C company or you’re a B2B marketer trying to boost your digital campaign, understanding interactive website features should be a priority.

In this article, we’ll talk about the different features that make a website interactive and the best practices to follow this year and beyond.

interactive website features

Why Do You Need an Interactive Website?

Since the tech world in Singapore is constantly on the move for more advancement, making an impact or standing out with only an average website is next to impossible.

Doing anything online in a market like Singapore’s requires great effort to make the audience happy and keep them engaged, so they have a positive experience and feel impressed. A proven way around this is to build an interactive website that has the right features to let visitors enjoy every moment of their stay on it. Thus, interactive website features simplify the whole aspect of ‘user engagement’.

What are the Interactive Website Features?

Do you see the attractive, clickable buttons while browsing a website? You don’t need anyone to tell you to click as you see one of them. If you really want to click a button without hesitation, the people who have carried out the interaction design have done their job precisely.

Basically, interactive website features include elements that let you do everything from clicking, searching, commenting, playing media and games, to skipping ads, taking surveys, and all without causing distraction. So, which interactive website features are we talking about here and how do they help?

Animation Attracts Audience

Adding animations to your landing page is the simplest way to draw users’ attention. Visualization in such an animated way facilitates interaction between the content and users while keeping them engaged as the content takes a few seconds to load.

Buttons Are Important

What has a website to do with your aim to attract people if it doesn’t have call-to-actions, aka buttons? Buttons are not optional, especially for Singapore’s people who are used to seeing a lot of them as part of their day-to-day mobile experience.

The buttons should be clickable, findable, and indicative of useful content, information or actions, needless to say visually pleasing. Also, they should be placed only where they make sense for users.

Videos Convey a More Powerful Message Than Text

Users remember 50% of what they see and 20% of what they read. So, the use of video in your website can make a significant change. People like watching videos for they improve your approach to storytelling. So, a video on your website can be more interactive and impactful than thousands of words to convey the same message.

Social media sharing button

More than 4.6 million people in Singapore are active social media users. Most business owners in Singapore demand that social media is their second most favorite tool to drive traffic to their websites.

One of the essential interactive website features is a social media sharing button that encourages people who could potentially share your content with others on social media, contributing to your effort to generate more traffic.

Infographic Content Makes Your Page Rich

Research finds that viewers only have their attention on anything for less than 8 seconds. Infographic pieces are known to outperform only textual content when it comes to holding users’ attention for a longer span.

Even if you have to present complex information or statistics, infographic content allows you to apply creativity and simplicity. More importantly, you’ve few reasons to worry about the preference of your audience in Singapore. As we’ve learned it over the years, Singaporeans always welcome things that are aesthetically pleasing and deliver value.

How to Make a Website Interactive?

Besides the above interactive website features, there are certain elements that make a website what we call beautiful and of course interactive.

Responsive Design

Responsiveness is crucial to interactive web design and helps you get good search rankings. With an interactive website that features responsive design, you don’t need to have a mobile version of your website.

Loading Time

Longer load times affects your website’s prospects negatively. 40% of people tend to leave a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. So, page speed is a very important part of user experience.


It is one of the top interactive website features, which indicate the navigability of a website. If people can learn instantly where a particular navigation/menu item will lead them, it simply encourages them to explore more.

Search Bar

The search bar is another important interactive website feature. Regardless of the depth of your interactive website, you should place a search bar on a convenient spot, so users can find the necessary information within seconds.

Web Calendar

Calendars are typically placed on a website to let users stay updated about upcoming events, collect RSVPs, manage reservations, sell tickets, and other interactions. Don’t forget to have one designed appropriately.

Interactive Map

There are many ways to use maps on an interactive website. An interactive map with thoughtfully designed markers allows your customers to find your company on their mobile devices with just a few taps.


Although you won’t see many websites have these modern interactive website features, you can still combine a coupon or opt-in form with the thrill of a game to spruce up your site and generate more leads.

Would you want to ignore a spinning wheel that potentially offers discounts only upon providing your email address? Most people won’t. So, gamification is on.

Do all these ideas seem too much to you? Or you’re wondering about the difficulties? We’ve been providing creative and interactive web design services to our clients in Singapore for several years now.

With experience and creativity, our designers can design all the interactive website features as you need. Still confused? Feel free to call us.


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