Mobile App Maintenance: Role of a Mobile App Developer in Singapore

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The increasing popularity of mobile apps in Singapore makes businesses think of having their own mobile applications. That’s alright. But you cannot stay away from troubles if you fail to allocate the required resources to ensure ongoing maintenance or updates or at least hire a mobile app developer in Singapore for that duty.

By resources, we mean an annual budget and plan for periodic maintenance and future updates. The easiest way around this is to hire an app development agency and get things done by them. Do you really know what exactly a mobile app developer in Singapore can do for you in this regard? Well, standard mobile app maintenance services include the following points.

Mobile App Maintenance
  • Bug fixes
  • Security updates
  • Improvement of reliability and Performance
  • Audits against the up-to-date versions of mobile operating systems
  • Inclusion of new/ custom features and other enhancements


In this article, we’ll discuss which tasks are included in the list of responsibilities of a mobile app developer in Singapore. Knowing the role should help you hire the right professional.

What Makes an Ideal Mobile App Maintenance Plan?

Keeping a mobile app on par with the demands of users and requirements of the marketplace (Google Play or App Store) is no small task.

Besides the programming skills and experience in app development, a mobile app developer in Singapore needs to be able to prepare a plan that doesn’t push you to the limit of your budget.

There are five different areas which need to be covered, should you want your mobile app to work while serving the users in a way you planned early on.

Security Fixes and Code Overhaul

You may have had a trendy UI and all the features seem to be in a proper order. Does that mean the original code should be left as it is? You cannot tell or know when someone tries to hack into the system and manipulate the application in a crooked way or steal the valuable user data.

So, the old code needs maintenance which includes security patches and associated APIs. Ask your mobile app developer in Singapore to update the codes so that your mobile app stays compatible with the new and upcoming versions of mobile operating systems.

As Google and Apple keep updating the versions of their operating systems, certain features of your business application may not work properly or stop working at all.

Imagine how you would feel if thousands of users get deprived of the benefits of your app because it doesn’t respond to the new updates bundled with a new mobile OS version.

Enhancement of Features and Design

Practically, the entire population on this planet is dependent on mobile phones one way or another. When we look at Singapore, we see a large part of the population love technology, and smartphones are an integral part of their daily activities. This leaves mobile app developers more responsibilities than they know. But how?

Spending more time on mobile phone apps, people in this corner of the world have upheld the fact that they’re willing to appreciate what brings them better user experience. At the same time, it means that poor UX or lack of functional excellence can easily lead to your mobile application being considered just another product among the thousands.

Maybe, you’re aware of the fact that Singaporeans spend a few hours a day using mobile apps. A mobile app developer in Singapore cannot simply ignore this fact. It takes developers many hours of hard work (research and findings) to figure out what works and what does not. You should go ahead and ask whether or not your app developer is willing to take the trouble and make things better for your mobile app than they already are.

Monitoring and Improvement of Performance and Reliability

It’s imperative for you to know how your mobile app performs and how reliable it proves to be in the eyes of users. A professional mobile app developer in Singapore uses certain tools or services to keep track of these metrics.

Those tools send the developer alerts for crashes, bugs, number of active users and downloads, and other performance data so that necessary actions can be taken to ensure the reliability and top-notch performance of your mobile application.

App Store Optimisation and Maintenance

Unless your mobile application is kept open to an extremely limited number of users, you want to have it listed on the applications stores. Once you have an app listed; you should keep working to maintain the listing, so it does well in those marketplaces.

App store optimization, abbreviated as ASO, is a strategy invol;ving collective actions taken by an application developer in the following areas.

  • Optimization of application Title and URL
  • Research work to find and use Relevant Keywords
  • Generation and Management of Rating and Reviews
  • Creation of Deep Linking within an App
  • Indexation of Mobile Apps in ‘Search Engine Results Pages
  • Optimization of CTR or Click Through Rate

How Much Are We Looking at?

Since you’ve had an idea about what a mobile app maintenance plan looks like, we guess you might want to know about the cost of doing all these. In practice, it cannot be foretold except that you can get a rough idea.

According to industry experts, a company that has a mobile application should allocate anywhere between 15 percent and 20 percent of the total cost of its design and development. For example, you should keep at least S$1,000 aside for maintenance and upgrades if the cost of initial development was S$6,000 or S$7,000.

So, mobile app maintenance is, by no means, optional. Most mobile app developers in Singapore that build enterprise applications report that their products are updated once a year and sometimes, they do it on a few more occasions throughout the year.

Looking for a dedicated mobile app developer in Singapore to make sure that you have a plan for ongoing update and maintenance for your mobile application? We’re happy to invite you to interview our mobile app developers and know more about our mobile app maintenance services. You can also call us for further help or information about our services.

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