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Mobile App Maintenance Service

Professional Mobile App Maintenance Service in Singapore

When you’ve a business in Singapore, and a mobile app is integral to your company’s operations, you can’t afford to let the users have a moment of discontent because your mobile app doesn’t perform well or work at all. Our agency offers this support, and our developers call it ‘maintenance’.

Any company in Singapore that relies on mobile apps for customer engagement, support, and management has good reasons to invest in mobile app development and maintenance service but not hire just any agency. Let’s see how we are different from an average company in Singapore.

Mobile App Maintenance Service

Mobile App Maintenance Service

Specialties of Our Mobile App Maintenance Service

All Types of Mobile App Maintenance Services

Whether your mobile app requires an emergency overhaul or a perfective kind of maintenance, our developers can assist. Our agency also has the resources to help when it makes sense for your business in Singapore to have adaptive, preventive, or corrective mobile app maintenance services.

Update, Upgrade, or Enhancement of Mobile App

The principles of mobile app development cycle or users' demands may require that a mobile app be updated frequently to let people have bug-free UX. Your audience or location in Singapore may require certain function(s) of a mobile app to be enhanced. Our developers are happy to serve.

Monitoring and Technical Support for Mobile Apps

Many of our clients in Singapore just don’t have the time or tendency to monitor how their mobile apps are performing. We understand running a company in Singapore is rewarding but not without challenges. Each member on our mobile app development team can provide these supports.

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Mobile App Maintenance Service in Singapore

One Stop Solution for Mobile App Maintenance Service

If you’re looking to a mobile app development agency in Singapore for all-round maintenance, your search ends here. We collect user feedback and comments on a mobile app, so we can choose the correct procedure to make it even more acceptable.

Our mobile app developers reduce the occurrence of errors and simplify the development cycle to improve maintainability. We manage updates to the system to keep an app compatible with the variable software and hardware environments.

Mobile app maintenance specialists at our agency also find residual errors and faults if any stays in an app’s design or development work. These errors may surface in the course of an app’s usage. We provide fixes for these problems at reasonable charges.

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Mobile App Maintenance FAQs

Do You Offer Mobile App Maintenance at a Fixed Price?

Many app development agencies in Singapore don’t settle for a fixed term, but we do because we care about your convenience and affordability. We offer a fixed price for small maintenance tasks. We’re equally comfortable working with you even if you need a one-time deal, no matter how many maintenance tweaks you want done.

How Do You Provide Long-Term Mobile App Maintenance?

Once a client agrees to hire us on a long-term project that involves mobile app maintenance; we employ the required number of our mobile app developers to that project whose job is to make sure that the quality of our maintenance services is always up to mark.

Can You Be Our Go-To Mobile App Development Company in Singapore?

Since the past few years, we’ve been working with some clients who have dozens of applications running including both android and iOS apps. These Singapore based companies rely on us whenever the need arises, be it about the design, development, or security of the mobile app.

Can You Relaunch My Mobile App Targeting Users in Singapore?

We understand what it feels to have a mobile app being loved by people but removed by the very marketplace all of a sudden. Our mobile app developers have seen so many of these cases that we’ve included this as an important segment of our complete mobile app maintenance plan.


Are you looking for affordable mobile app maintenance service in Singapore?

Our mobile app development company never takes clients' interests lightly, especially when one of them calls us for maintenance support because we know how a few moments of indifference to customers’ needs could hurt their business. Need a proof? Call us right away!

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