Anarkali Case Study

Orfeostory: Empowering Anarkali's Transformation with a Revamped Website

Anarkali is a leading trader specialising in rice, spices, dry fruits, and nuts. They are dedicated to sourcing and delivering products of the highest quality to dining tables worldwide. Despite starting as a small business, they have grown significantly in size and reputation by upholding their core values of honesty, integrity, commitment, and service. With a loyal customer base that spans across continents, Anarkali takes pride in the trust their customers have placed in their products over the years.

Anarkali Case Study

The Company's Mission and
Our Responsibilities

They remain confident in their ability to adapt to changing business landscapes while upholding their commitment to excellence. Their mission is to meet customers’ demands for a wide selection of agro commodities while ensuring the highest standards of product quality and service excellence.

Anarkali aims to become a global leader in the trading of high-quality agro commodities, known for their dedication, integrity, and efficiency. They prioritise responsibility towards customers and suppliers, respect for all stakeholders, trust through honesty, prompt and exceptional service, competitive pricing, and unwavering commitment to their customers and suppliers.

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Need for a Comprehensive Online Platform

The primary objective was to create a comprehensive online platform that effectively showcased all of their products, services, and other relevant information. This required careful organization and categorisation of the vast range of offerings that Anarkali provides. Furthermore, we faced the task of making the website visually appealing and capturing the essence and theme of Anarkali.

This involved incorporating appropriate colours, imagery, and design elements that reflected the vibrant and diverse nature of their products. Balancing functionality and aesthetics was crucial to ensure an engaging user experience while providing easy access to the desired information.

By addressing these challenges, we aimed to deliver a revamped website for Anarkali that not only presented their offerings comprehensively but also visually captivated visitors, leaving a lasting impression and encouraging further exploration of their products and services.


Enhanced Functionality & Stunning Visuals

We successfully helped Anarkali overcome their challenges and revamp their website by implementing a range of effective solutions. To create a comprehensive website, we collaborated closely with the Anarkali team to understand their products, services, and desired information architecture.

Through careful planning and organization, we developed a user-friendly navigation system that allowed visitors to easily explore and find the desired content. In terms of aesthetics, we focused on capturing the essence of Anarkali by incorporating eye-catching design elements, vibrant colours, and captivating imagery that reflected the theme of the website.

This combination of functionality and visual appeal resulted in a website that not only provided comprehensive information but also visually engaged and enticed visitors to delve deeper into Anarkali’s offerings. By leveraging our expertise in web design and understanding Anarkali’s unique identity, we successfully delivered a revamped website that effectively showcased their products and services while creating an immersive and memorable user experience.

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