Eggslut Case study

Eggslut's Website Development: A Masterclass in Effective Web Design

Eggslut, a popular American fast-food chain known for its creative and delicious breakfast sandwiches, recently expanded its operations to Singapore with the opening of its first Southeast Asian outlet at Scotts Square. As part of its expansion strategy, Eggslut recognized the importance of developing a localized website to cater to the needs of its Singaporean customers. Orfeostory, an award-winning Singapore-based website design and development company, was tasked with developing the website.

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Need for raising awareness and creating an engaging user interface

Eggslut faced two main challenges in developing a localized website. Firstly, they needed their website to go live before their new franchise in Singapore was launched. Secondly, the website needed to raise awareness, provide accurate information, and be engaging and user-friendly.


Created a well-organised mood board to deliver a customer-centric UI

To resolve the first challenge, Orfeostory communicated frequently with different stakeholders and met deadlines. To overcome the second challenge, we utilized mood boards to help determine how best to engage customers. We incorporated elements of Eggslut’s mission and vision statement such as providing consistent presentation and great customer experience into the design of their website, and the rest of the design and placement of content was left to the capable hands of our talented and seasoned web designers and developers.

The website was designed with a focus on user experience, incorporating intuitive navigation and responsive design to ensure that customers could easily access information on any device. The site also features high-quality images of Eggslut’s signature dishes, helping to entice customers and showcase the brand’s unique offerings.

To optimize the website for search engines, Orfeostory implemented a comprehensive SEO strategy, including keyword research and on-page optimization. This approach helped to ensure that the website would rank highly in search engine results pages, driving traffic and increasing visibility for Eggslut’s new franchise location.

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