Sealy Posturepedic Case Study

Rest Easy: How Orfeostory Revamped Sealy Posturepedic's Website to Appeal to a New Demographic

Sealy posturepedic is a leading manufacturer of high-quality mattresses, with a strong reputation for innovation and quality. As the COVID-19 pandemic shifted consumer trends towards online shopping, Sealy recognized the importance of a digital storefront and sought a complete revamp of their website. The challenge was to create a clean, modern, and user-friendly website that targeted a female audience between the ages of 25 and 45 while maintaining Sealy’s brand message.

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Need for a platform where customers can make well-informed buying decisions

Sealy’s existing website was outdated and not optimized for online sales. The challenge was to create a new website that would accurately represent Sealy’s brand and products while also appealing to a new demographic. The website needed to be easy to navigate and provide a seamless user experience, while also being optimized for search engines to increase visibility.



Brand message communicated accurately across the target audience

Orfeostory worked closely with Sealy to understand their pain points and research their competitors. With this information, Orfeostory’s team of experienced web designers and developers went to work. They transformed Sealy’s website entirely, ensuring that it told a story about what Sealy is all about: quality, comfort, and science.

Orfeostory created a clean and modern design that accurately represented Sealy’s brand and products. They optimized the website for search engines to increase visibility, and ensured that it was easy to navigate and provided a seamless user experience. The website was designed with a focus on targeting Sealy’s new demographic of female customers between the ages of 25-45.

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