Logo Design Singapore: A Quick Guide for Your Brand Identity

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While branding in Singapore, do you consider creating a logo as one of the top priorities? You should! Because having a logo is an integral part of making your brand successful. But not all logos work for your business. Some logos look good but don’t say anything about your brand. A quality logo should be memorable, versatile, and consistent to give your audience a sense of what your brand is all about.

Unfortunately, many companies do not keep this goal in mind while establishing their logo and cause permanent damage to their brand identity. If you don’t want to learn the hard way, learn the basic principles of creating a kick-ass brand logo. This guide will assist you to have the idea of nine major principles of logo design you need to know about.

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Logo Design Singapore: 5 Rules to Follow

Using a logo for your business in Singapore is one of the primary steps. Since a logo is what upholds your brand identity, you don’t want to do anything at random. There are some conventions which guide you along the process of logo creation.

1. Keep it simple.

Less is more in logo design, and there are several good reasons behind it. As branding strategies and logo designs have evolved over the last few years in Singapore, it has become evident that a simple and minimalistic logo design is more impactful for modern brand marketing. A complex logo with many fonts, colors, and decorative items can be a great distraction for the viewers. If you want to grab your clients’ attention, avoid complexity and keep the logo design as plain as it can be.

2. Keep it relevant.

One of the qualities of a great logo is its relevance. Since a logo creates a perception about your brand in the mind of the viewers, it has to be appropriate for both your brand personality and its audience. Just think about the logo of one of the world-famous brands like Nike. This simple logo consisting of only two lines represents billions of dollars’ worth.

But why did the logo become so remarkable? It did because it is appropriate for its brand personality. Nike is the Greek goddess of victory, and the logo is derived from her wing, ‘Swoosh’ which is the giver of immense movement and power to the warriors. Thus, the logo conveys the perfect portrayal of apparel and accessories brands for sportspersons.

3. Make it versatile.

A quality logo is versatile and adaptable in any size, shape, or situation no matter, whether it appears on a pen or a plane. If a logo can’t be resized, printed, or placed on other media, it will limit your ways to display your brand to the world. A versatile logo must serve its purpose no matter what the use to increase your brand visibility.

4. Make a timeless piece.

The best logo stands out of trends because they remain timeless and productive for years. Trends are catchy for now, but they don’t last long, and you may have to redesign your logo to keep it relevant. If you thrive for establishing a lifelong impression on your clients, sensibly choose a logo that your customers recall for years.

For example, brands like Coca-Cola, Adidas, Mercedes, Pepsi, McDonald still have their worldwide iconic logo with strong brand loyalty. Make sure you choose a logo design service that understands your business needs in Singapore and beyond.

5. Create a design that is easy to remember.

Not a single brand could earn a global presence without a logo. Undoubtedly, those brands used incredible logo designs that remain memorable for years. If you want to win a lifetime customer loyalty, your logo should be designed in a way that people can remember for a long time.

To design a logo like this, the trick is to have a unique concept which no one has ever used. Global brands like Google, Apple, Amazon, Audi had that uniqueness. Now they have worldwide recognition to the people across the globe.

Logo Design Singapore: A Few More Rules to Remember

While the above principles are important, a logo designer should be able to ensure that the following factors are considered with due diligence.

Typography matters.

Choosing the right typography is a crucial decision while designing a logo. The correct use of font, readability, logo voice, negative space, secondary fonts, facetype color are the essential components for incorporating typography in your design. Your logo designer needs to learn these principles of typography to help you reach out to potential clients.

Keep the balance.

A balanced design is required to make your logo appealing and pleasing to the viewers. The rule is to keep the weight of the graphics, colors, and size equal on each side. Besides, ensure that your logo aligns with your business and brand strategy in Singapore. If the logo design doesn’t align with your brand personality, then the entire impression of your brand can be confusing.

Avoid too many details.

Indeed, converting your whole brand story in a little logo is difficult. But adding too much details on your logo makes it messy and difficult to understand. Besides, when you scale down a design with lots of fine details, your core idea becomes unrecognizable.

Use colors cleverly.

Color always evokes emotions and conveys a message. Clever use of color in logo design can make the logo attractive and unique. So, make sure your logo designer can creatively use color to their advantage. The basic rules to follow include,

  • Inclusion of colors that complement each other instead of contrasting
  • Exclusion of colors that are too bright for the eye
  • Good appearance of the logo in black and white, grayscale, and multiple colors
  • Creation of a black and white version of the logo at the beginning

Hiring the right logo design company makes it easy for you to get a logo that represents your brand the way you desire. Wondering which logo agency in Singapore to contact? Feel free to contact us.

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