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PSG Digital Marketing Grant!

Save up to 50% on your
digital marketing

Leverage the PSG Digital Marketing Grant for a 50% funding boost to supercharge your business leads and website conversion rates today!

Save up to 50% on your digital marketing

Power up your online presence with PSG grant

Leverage the PSG Digital Marketing Grant for a 50% funding boost to supercharge your business leads and website conversion rates today!

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Introduction to PSG digital marketing grant.

What is the PSG Digital Marketing Grant?

The Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) is designed to incentivize businesses to embrace digital productivity solutions, fostering increased efficiency and growth. It enables companies to execute digital marketing campaigns and boost web traffic with 50% funding support.

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SEO, SEM and Digital Asset Creation

Our Digital Marketing Solutions

Search EngineOptimization

Heighten your website’s visibility and attractiveness to search engines

What it could do for you:

  • 20% of Targeted keywords on page 1 of Google search results after 6 months
  • 200% Return of Ad Spend

Search EngineMarketing

Increase your website’s reach by pushing your website to the top of search results

What it could do for you:

  • 200% Return of Ad Spend
  • Dedicated Landing Page
  • Recommendations, Reports and Handover

Digital Asset

Crafting compelling visual and multimedia content to elevate your digital marketing campaigns.

What it could do for you:

  • Increase in Social Media Reach
  • Enhanced Audience Engagement
  • Brand Consistency

How to start your PSG digital marketing grant

Start Your Journey With Us

Reach Out To Us  

Talk to us so we can identify the best Digital Marketing Solution for you and provide a quote.

Get Approval  

After your grant application gains approval, you should accept the Letter of Offer through the Business Grant Portal.

  Apply for PSG

Submit your application for PSG through the Business Grant Portal (BGP).

  Submit Claim

To secure your reimbursement, ensure you submit your final claim within the Business Grant Portal (BGP).

Orfeostory Dots

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Why Choose Orfeostory

Orfeostory is a top-tier website design and development company based in Singapore. With over 10 years of experience and boasting a remarkable track record, Orfeostory has worked on Government, F&B, corporate websites – whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered.

Orfeostory’s Social Media Marketing (SMM) services are a great way to leverage the power of social media and significantly boost your site’s online presence.

Orfeostory’s SEM services are a surefire way to produce the results you want: we drive targeted traffic to your website through paid advertising.

Orfeostory’s SEO services are at the core of our digital strategy: we understand the intricacies of website visibility to search engines – with in-depth keyword research and on-page optimisation, your website will surely climb search engine rankings with our help.

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    Want to know more about PSG grant?

    Frequently Asked

    How can digital marketing help my business grow?

    By enhancing your online presence and focusing on specific audiences, digital marketing offers cost-effective, data-driven strategies that drive growth.

    It enables real-time interaction, adaptability to market trends, and improved customer engagement, leading to increased conversion rates and expanded global reach.

    Am I eligible for the PSG grant? And how do I apply?

    1. Registered business in Singapore.

    2. At least 30% local equity held by Singaporean(s) or PR(s).

    3. Sales turnover ≤ S$100 million or ≤ 200 employees in the group.

    4. IT solutions/equipment must be used in Singapore.

    5. Exclusions: Charities, IPCs, Religious Entities, VWOs, Government entities, and their subsidiaries cannot apply.

    Please refer to the official PSG page from Enterprise SG for more information.

    What do I need to apply for PSG?

    Please refer to this PSG applications checklist for more information.

    How long does the PSG grant take to approve?

    PSG grant applications take approximately six weeks to be processed, from the time all required information is submitted. To account for the possibility of an unsuccessful application, we highly encourage companies to submit their applications well in advance before they require our services, or any other IT solution. Companies will not be able to claim a refund should they purchase an IT service or solution before their application is deemed unsuccessful.

    Are sole proprietors eligible for PSG?

    Yes, sole proprietors may apply for PSG digital marketing, as long as the following criteria are met:

    • They are a business entity which is registered and operating in Singapore;
    • Have a minimum of 30% local shareholding, and
    • The company’s annual sales turnover should be not more than S$100 million; or
    • Company’s employment size should be 200 employees or less.
    • The IT service/solution to which the grant is applied must be used in Singapore.

    I am responsible for only paying 50% of the project fee to Orfeostory?

    No. Payment of 100% of the amount is necessary upon the campaign’s completion before any reimbursement can occur.

    How long does it take for my claim to be reimbursed?

    Once PSG grant claims have been submitted, fund disbursement will be distributed in around 14 working days after the company has submitted their General Interbank Recurring Order (GIRO) form.

    Can I wait for IMDA’s approval before placing a deposit with Orfeostory?

    Yes. Orfeostory will only commence the project once the deposit has been paid; you may wait for the Letter of Offer from IMDA before making the deposit.

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