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Website Maintenance Service in Singapore

Research says a website that loads a second after its competitor’s loses 7% in conversion. It’s no less true to a business in Singapore. What might happen if your company website is down for a few hours? Is it hard to see why website maintenance is essential?

Our agency discovered that around half of customers in Singapore tell their friends as they happen to have poor user experience visiting a company’s website. So, you’ve more reasons to think about website maintenance, the area our developers specialize in.

Website Maintenance Service in Singapore
Website Maintenance Service

Website Maintenance Service

Specialties of Our Website Maintenance Service

Optimized Performance and Speed

Web developers at this agency measure the performance of a website by its loading time and efficiency in allowing the visitors to use the website. Our designers and developers take care of these crucial points during the maintenance phase.

Enhanced User Experience

The maintenance side handled by our company’s designers or developers doesn’t end with fixing functional or security issues or adding new features. Our web specialists also work on everything that goes into a website’s acceptance and UX.

Convenient Maintenance Schedule

Just like any reputable web design and development company in Singapore, we keep our maintenance schedules. But we can get our web designers and developers to assist when a client in Singapore requests for emergency maintenance service.

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Website Maintenance Service

One Stop Solution for Website Maintenance in Singapore

Website maintenance requires the coordinated effort of web designers and developers. At our agency, we maintain a proven method of collaboration between our designers and developers, so we can help our clients in Singapore anytime they need.

Web experience specialists at our company analyze the performance metrics to prepare a list of actions to improve the design and development state of a website. Thus, our developers can minimize the downtime by using server resources efficiently.

Besides fixing the various design and development issues, experts at our agency measure the popularity of a website among its users in Singapore. Our UX design pros identify each catalyst that affects the success of your website as well as company.

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Website Maintenance FAQs

What’s Included in the Daily Website Maintenance Schedule?

In fact, a well-built website doesn’t go wrong every day, but you cannot tell for sure that customers or the stakeholders of your Singapore based company are getting the best possible user experience unless you collect their feedback and respond to their queries. Our website developers can offer reliable solutions to make it easy for you to help customers by answering their questions.

What’s Included in the Weekly Website Maintenance Schedule?

As far as website maintenance is concerned on a weekly basis, developers at Orfeostory can perform several tasks including backing up the data of your website, storing the data and resources offline, checking for continuous updates to the extensions and content management systems, plugins, and other tools, finding and fixing broken links, and a bonus website maintenance task like providing recommendations for content tailored for the audience of Singapore.

What’s Included in the Quarterly Website Maintenance Schedule?

Website maintenance tasks performed on a quarterly basis include SEO indicators like title tags, meta descriptions, content updates, and page speed optimization. Other website maintenance activities include checking forms, extension and browser compatibility, removing inactive users and administrators, updating contact information, designing and implementing new UI elements to its mobile version, testing the backup, checking the order and other ecommerce functions, etc. Also, we review your website’s overall progress toward the goals set by your company. Last but not the least, we apply special tweaks for both web and mobile versions which make us different from an average web development agency in Singapore.

What’s Included in the Annual Website Maintenance Schedule?

Annual web maintenance is something that involves great responsibilities which dictate how your website will be run in the coming days. So, we cooperate with clients to formulate a complete strategy for keeping their websites running as expected. This strategy also incorporates the relevance of website content to the demands of Singapore’s readers and other design considerations. Our web professionals also handle tasks like updating copyright date, renewing domain names, etc.


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With a solid strategy for website maintenance, our web developers and UI designers put their best effort to inspect each web page, find, and solve all the problems quickly. We're open to emergency maintenance requests too. Just send us a message or call us to let us start.

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