Mobile App Development Company in Singapore: 5 Key Qualities

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As soon as you think of having a mobile app for your business, you need to find a mobile app development company in Singapore that can meet all the digital needs of your target users, making their lives easier.

It’s no secret that the number of mobile users is increasing faster in Singapore than in many of its neighboring countries. As mobile app developers see more opportunities, their ability to meet the growing needs of users becomes an important consideration, especially when you’re hiring a mobile app development company in Singapore.

mobile app development company Singapore

In this article, we’ll be discussing some essential qualities that a professional app development agency must possess, so you can fulfill your goals.

Must-Have Traits of a Mobile App Development Company in Singapore

One of the most important qualities of a mobile app developer is the ability to see and realize the vision of your company properly and align it with the variable demands of your target audience. So, mere technical skills aren’t sufficient. Neither are the insights into your business alone. We don’t know if there is any better alternative to a mix of talent, knowledge, and diligence.

Proven Method of Work

Having the coding skills is one thing, but developing a mobile app that works perfectly according to the requirements is another story. While there are several approaches to handle a mobile app development project, we always emphasize the adoption of scrum.

This particular project management approach lets us develop and test an app rapidly even when we only have a few app developers to engage in the project and most of our app developers in Singapore are engaged with other projects.

The method allows app developers to create a Minimum Viable Product or MVP which is a basic version of the mobile app being developed. That version should be created in a week or two so that the client can assess it thoroughly.

A good mobile app developer is able to develop the essential features and a working demo of the whole thing for the client who would like to provide the feedback during the development phase. Eventually, this process allows app developers to build a functional application and future-proof it.

Appropriate Foresight

Not just any mobile app development company in Singapore can say they’ve got the strongest of foresights to offer their clients. That’s understandable. Why does an app developer need to have foresight? Isn’t the client (you) amenable to have that? These questions make sense. But what if the client seeks help from the developer?

Knowing the challenges and competition is always good, but your app developer should be able to tell what time is suitable for the app to be launched. We’ve tried a lot of mobile applications which were developed well. They failed nonetheless. You know why?

One of these situations might have occured. Maybe, the app was developed without due regards to the target audience and their demands (we mean the most important ones). Sometimes, mobile apps are built and launched without analyzing the competition or the time. A great app launched at the wrong time may turn out to be something that users don’t need.

Collaboration and Teamwork

A great mobile app development company in Singapore allows operations in a number of different ways based on collaboration. A mobile app developer may be required to work alone or join a team. Either way, that person is allowed an access to the means of communication with others as needed. After all, the job has to be done and organization skills of the stuff have to be improved.

Technical Proficiency

Mobile app developers need to be tech-savvy just like the people in Singapore’s IT industry do. Technical expertise is one precious attribute that makes an app developer stand out, no matter how fierce the competition is.

With a strong mental aptitude for new technologies, a committed mobile app developer tries to immerse himself/herself in anything that is pretty much within the domain of app development.

You might have seen a lot of developers attending webinars, studying online app development courses, joining workshops, working with mentors, and experimenting with different methods while working.

In fact, excellence in this area is not optional because a mobile app developer does not only have to build a solid application but also need to ensure that the app is free of bugs and any issue that could affect user experience (UX) badly.

Knowledge about Cross-Platform and UX

Don’t confuse ‘technical proficiency’ with this specific point. Both cross-platform compatibility and user experience require more than the coding skills of an app developer.

Since the goal of every mobile app development company in Singapore is to provide an affordable yet robust solution to their client(s), learning cross-platform development can help them to reuse and synchronize part of the code across the target platforms.

The other thing, UX, is more about insights than education. Our mobile app developers are allowed to learn why UX matters and how. Studying your consumers can be a good start. Unless you know what and how your audience wants to experience, a mobile app cannot be made to be useful, regardless of the hours it took the developers to build.

Finally, we believe that a mobile app development company in Singapore must have a goal, set by itself or the client. Without that goal, app developers cannot measure their success in the process.

Sometimes, clients may not be able to express their goals in plain language. A reliable mobile app development company in Singapore should be able to work closely with the client on this and figure out the most viable way to build an application that complements and supports the original goals.

Looking for one such mobile app development company in Singapore? No worries! Feel free to have a chat with us and let us sort things out for you.

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