How a Website Design Company in Singapore Can Help with SEO?

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the most important part of your effort to rank well in the search engine results pages (SERPs), but SEO alone is not enough. In both business and life, we put our attention to mostly one or a few things only to put something else aside that can be equally important in the long run.

In the world of digital marketing, web design is one of those aspects, not executed with due diligence or understated properly. You might just squander your organic equity if your website isn’t designed well or impressive enough. In fact, both website design and SEO work in a way that most business owners don’t bother about comprehending.

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As we run our website design company in Singapore, we’ve enough to talk about how components of both sides mingle and work together. When web design and SEO are executed appropriately, your audience should start browsing your website without actually wanting to notice much about your creation.

As your visitors navigate through the website, your content brings you a chance to impress them and lead them to somewhere you want them. Isn’t that the purpose of having a website and getting it ranked well on the first page of search engines? We know you think the same. Then again, you know how important web design is when it comes to boosting your SEO drive.

While playing our part as a professional website design company in Singapore, we’ve identified a few elements that connect both SEO and web design together, necessitating collaborations among the people working in those departments.

In this article, we’ll tell you how those elements can be critical to your success in terms of visibility, traffic, conversion, and profitability.

Creating a Mobile Friendly Website Design

In 2015, Google started considering a website’s mobile-friendly design as an important ranking factor. In 2017, they took things a little further by introducing a new trend – mobile-first indexing.

So, a website that is meant for its audience has to be useful to those who use mobile phones to visit it. Both of the above decisions were made years ago, but they are still relevant and will remain that way for the coming days.

The number of desktop searches has been declining while mobile searches are on the rise. In present times, more than half of the web traffic relies on their smartphones which easily account for half of your traffic being likely to use a smartphone to visit your website.

It doesn’t take users a lot of time to move on to another website when they find yours not very responsive across their devices. If users keep doing this, you’ll see that the bounce rate goes up, which sends Google a wrong message about the value you’re providing.

What can we take from this? Denying smartphone users their access to a responsive website will only cause you to alienate around half of your total audience. Is it okay to ignore that size of the population? You know it is not okay.

Creating a Readable and Accessible Website Design

There is no doubt that you need your visitors to read the content or whatever appears on your website. What more can you put other than blocks of text or visuals (content)?

If you cannot arrange those blocks and all the hyperlinks in a proper order, they might just want to forget about getting any value from the time they spend on your website. You know the consequences.

What’s the point of attracting visitors onto your website if the design is too dull to impress them without providing the information they came here for in the first place? A good website design company in Singapore knows how to create a website design that doesn’t make it difficult for readers to access whatever they need on your site.

Instead of doing things as they come, that website design company in Singapore should use the white space, elements, lines, and other components in a way that makes visitors feel like paying attention to what you’re offering.

Increasing Website Speed

You cannot really blame your customers if they came to visit your website with the hope of finding something they need and ended up being on another just because yours didn’t load fast enough. This begs an important question.

How fast should your website load? Well, 3 seconds is what Google recommends. But we believe a couple more seconds won’t hurt. That gives you 3-5 seconds to keep up the interest of those visiting the site. Page speed is important to the search engine giant too.

The speed at which your website loads has also something to do with Google’s crawling behaviour. If Google cannot crawl as many pages as you need, you cannot expect them to be indexed as well.

Where does this single factor leave you? Not getting your pages crawled and indexed only results in ‘zero’ possibility of ranking. We can tell it’s the last thing you want for your website. Oh by the way, don’t forget to ask your website design company in Singapore to use “https” encryption.

Outlining the Sitemap Clearly

The goal of creating a sitemap is to provide Google with a quick guide or reference to all content and pages on a website. By submitting a sitemap, you get the chance to let Google or other search engines know which pages matter most.

Maybe you’ve heard about this before, but only a handful of people actually know how critical a sitemap is to the crawlability of the site. A proper sitemap allows you to encourage search engines to apply smarter techniques as they crawl websites.

Some might argue that sitemaps don’t do much for new websites. As a website design company in Singapore, we’ve found it right to believe that sitemaps are important to both large or old and small or new websites.

Another good thing about having a sitemap is that new users who don’t want to spend minutes to get around your website can use it as a guide to quick navigation. You know how much Google appreciates it upon your visitors having a good time while on your website.

With the above things taken care of, a reliable website design company in Singapore can help you establish trust with your audience. Do we need to tell you how much users’ trust matters? You know we don’t.

Not every website design company in Singapore knows the best way to combine SEO-friendly concepts into their design process. So, you cannot hire just anybody who claims they can do it. Need help with hiring? Call us right away.

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