How to Reach the Best Web Design Company in Singapore?

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There are more than a hundred companies in Singapore claiming to specialize in web design services. Some of them make promises too good to be true while some simply pride themselves on top-notch skills.

You find a highly reputable provider and start thinking they’ll leave you fully satisfied with a beautiful and powerful website design that works wonder. You know better than having such a simple thought.

The only company that you should call best web design company in Singapore is the one that fulfills your expectations just the way you need. But how will you reach one? Keep reading.

Web Design Company

How to Find?

Well actually, it doesn’t take much to find a web design service provider as a simple Google search is okay for most people. But that’s going to bring a lot of suggestions. Make sure you go to the ‘Search Settings’ and choose Singapore in the ‘Region Settings’.

If you don’t like the confusion that might come from the search results, there are several websites that offer classified results for your search. Just choose or type in your location and ‘web design’ as the service. Below are three popular directories to help people know about businesses in different categories.

Some of these websites provide not only the basic details and contact info but also reviews for potential clients to narrow down the results. Once you’ve shortlisted your choices, their legitimacy as companies might just be the next thing you want to find out.

The Government of Singapore has an Agency Website where you can check any business for its authenticity. But for that you need the Unique Entity Number (UEN) which is usually available on the website of most companies. Run the UENs and see if the business you’re looking for is a registered one.

Remember that the proof of legitimacy doesn’t guarantee its professional competency. It is just an assurance of the company’s legitimacy. Your screening process cannot be complete unless certain things are thoroughly understood.

Which Factors to Consider?

Getting some really good suggestions is not the hardest thing. It is the decision-making part that requires enthusiasm and time. Most companies will be willing to answer as many questions you have. But you may not like the idea of asking dozens of them.

Just ask them about the following things and consider yourself lucky if at least one of the companies comes up with reasonable and satisfactory answers to what you ask.

Experience and Portfolio

The number of years or projects that an agency has under its belt always matters. But don’t forget ‘quality over quantity’. Try to figure out if the portfolio submitted to you includes anything that is similar to the one you want completed.

You may not find something that looks real close to your intended design project. Some of their previous projects might have a few things in common, for instances, a few UI elements or navigation systems. Even, you might see nothing that shares anything with your desired project.

Web Design Company Portfolio

You should review their previous work anyway. Also, talk about the depth of their experience, not just the years or number of jobs, at length.

Work Process and Project Management

It is the most important step, and you can know as much as you want without actually hiring if you can learn how the following steps will be taken.

  • Plan: Audience research, requirement analysis, technologies and resources (to be used)
  • Design and Development (Wireframe, mock-up, and review, coding, page templates, framework, and custom visualization)
  • Launch and Test
  • Full Documentation of the Project

Sometimes, the answers given by the contacted company may not give you the full picture of the process, but knowing how the above things will be handled is a good thing, or at least, something you, as a client, should know.

Your Needs and Budget

Asking the price of the service is NOT the first thing. What you need to get done decides how much you’ll have to pay. You may want a complete website designed with a homepage and a few custom pages with common features like contact and subscription forms, CTAs, etc. You’ll receive a set price quote for such a straightforward job.

Sometimes, you may need something more specific like the creation and organization of an information hierarchy based on your business ideas. Even smaller tasks like adding new graphics, using a particular color scheme, or changing the typography should be done by professionals. You may also want to redesign the homepage of an existing site or rebrand it entirely.

Web Design Company Needs and Budget

A good service provider should have the ability to help you get a website designed to your preferences. But the best web design company is the one that is ready to assist you properly, considering your budget and the size of the project, small or large.

This is how you can find a web design agency that serves you best. Do you want to contact one of such companies right away? Feel free to call us and get familiar with our web design services.

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