Factors to Consider When Choosing an iOS App Development Company in Singapore

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Mobile app development has become a great source of opportunities for both developers and businesses across different industries. Although Android is an obvious choice for many, market surveys indicate that iOS users spend more on paid mobile apps than Android users do.

This behavior makes iOS developers liable to add value and bring in innovations to retain app users who are willing to pay for premium features. It is not always easy to find professionals who understand this responsibility.

However, the task can be simplified with attention to the following factors while looking for an iOS app development company in Singapore.

iOS App Development

Experience Requirements for an iOS App Development Company in Singapore

Most mobile app development companies in Singapore have a mix of junior and experienced iOS developers working on projects involving various levels of diversity and complexity. The scope of your iOS application determines whether you need a team of senior iOS developers or the ones with only a few years under their belt.

So, how do you differentiate senior app developers from junior ones? Experience is a crucial factor in this regard, and it means more than numbers. But you can get a rough idea about the capability of iOS developers by the number of years they’ve been in the job.

Mobile app developers having less than 2 years of involvement may handle small projects, but they should be under the supervision of more experienced people. A mid-level iOS developer having 2 to 5 years of true experience may be able to work on complex projects, but assistance from seniors can be useful.

iOS app developers with 5+ years should be able to solve complicated issues, manage the entire team, and oversee the development process, from start to finish. Here is a quick table to show what to expect from mid-level and senior iOS app developers in Singapore.

Mid-Level Senior
  • Proven record of releasing apps written in both Objective-C and Swift
  • A thorough understanding of Core Data, caching logic (offline), and SQLite
  • Working knowledge of asynchronous programming and concurrency
  • Experience with map and store kit and Core Location
  • In-depth familiarity with push notifications
  • Knowledge about signing iOS apps and deploying them to App Store Connect
  • Everything that a mid-level iOS developer knows
  • Ability to make crucial architectural decisions
  • Thorough ideas about structuring the documentation for various projects
  • Adherence to development standards, following the current trends and best practices
  • Ability to Mentor less experienced developers

Desirable Skills of an iOS App Development Team

An ideal iOS App Development Company in Singapore employs people with specific hard skills which help them manage the overall tech process and solve all types of issues. So, what are the skills that iOS developers must have?

  • Proficiency in Swift and Objective-C
  • Awareness of Human Interface Guidelines (HIG) set out by Apple
  • Experience in Xcode IDE
  • Understanding of UI / UX design
  • Efficiency in using advanced tools for code versioning
  • Practical experience in Core Data
  • Working knowledge about OpenGL and Metal
  • Understanding of APIs and experience in API integration

Apart from the above technical skills, iOS developers need some soft skills, including critical thinking, leadership, a sense of responsibility, the ability to be part of a team, negotiation, presentation skills, and diligence.

UI/ UX Design Principles

Apple recommends that iOS developers keep certain principles in mind as they plan to bring in the identity of the apps they’re developing. They include aesthetic integrity, consistency, feedback, user control, direct manipulation, and metaphors.

A reliable iOS development company in Singapore has the skills with resources to provide excellent UI/ UX design services for iOS apps, which help maximize the reach and impact of your business, regardless of the industry.

iOS App Development in Singapore: Trends and Indicators

Though Android still has the largest market share in Singapore, iOS is getting more popular each day, mainly because of new trends that have led the community to adopt faster, smarter, and more cost-effective development processes.

Developers providing services and goods using the App Store received over USD 200 billion. These improvement trends have also had significant effects on the very language used by iOS developers. Many businesses are now planning to move towards Swift 5, thanks to its security features, scalability, efficiency, and flexibility.

Being stable, the Application Binary Interface (ABI) also adds to the popularity of this language. Nowadays, it is not difficult to envision the incorporation of Swift along with its libraries into the majority of Apple devices.

In recent years, the adoption of Augmented Reality (AR) has become prominent. Many iOS apps are going to be based on AR, which makes the use of ARKit 3 mandatory, much of which is associated with collaborative sessions, multiple face tracking, and other cutting-edge features.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is another interesting trend. Accenture’s 2016 research reveals that iOS apps powered by AI technologies come with the potential to boost the productivity of businesses in terms of labor by as much as 40%.

If you see some possibility of your business benefiting from these exciting innovations, you want to hire an iOS app development company in Singapore that is aware of the above trends.

How Much to Spend on Mobile App Development in Singapore?

For starters, SGD 10,000 should be enough. For more complex and advanced apps, you may need to invest SGD 100,000 or even more. Read our article on mobile app development costs on our site.

In fact, how much an iOS development agency may charge depends on the expertise, relevant experience, and other skills of its developers. Again, the cost may vary in another way.

iOS developers that have handled projects for banking, internet security, and healthcare institutes usually demand and receive higher pay rates/ salaries than those who only have worked on ecommerce mobile apps.

Still need assistance? Write to us for more information or ask for a quote, and let us build you a successful iOS app.

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