Mobile App Developers in Singapore: Salary and Prospects

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When it comes to the annual or monthly earning of Singapore app developers, factors like fields of mobile app development, experience of developers, and budget of the recruiting companies are always important.

As budgets for an android and iOS app development vary, developers offering these services get to receive variable pay rates. Similarly, an experienced developer is set to expect more than a beginner.

The company that hires app development professionals may also have its own compensation policy that can be at variance with the national average pay or salary of mobile app developers in Singapore.

Mobile App Developers Salary

In this article, you’ll learn how much android and iOS mobile app developers make each year and how experience becomes a deciding factor to help determine the salary of an app developer. We’ll also provide information about the monthly and hourly pay rate.

How Much Mobile Application Developers in Singapore Earn?

Before reaching any specific numbers, we’ll look at the figures provided by some of the most reputable job and employment websites.

  • According to PayScale, mobile app developers in Singapore receive an average of S$47,961 per year including the base salary, bonus, and shared profit, which account for S$4,000 per month. The lowest pay can be S$15,000 whereas some developers can make upwards of S$69,000.
  • According to Glassdoor SG, Singapore’s mobile app developers make S$5,430 per month, and their annual salary can be S$65,160.
  • Indeed SG reports that mobile app developers including android and iOS experts make S$78,725 or even higher.

Does it seem confusing? We know it does, but that’s what you’ll find after collecting information from various sources. Experience is one of the key reasons for these differences. Let’s see how much exactly mobile app developers in Singapore receive based on their work experiences.

How Much Entry-Level Mobile Application Developers in Singapore Earn?

A mobile app developer having 0 to 2 years of experience can be called an entry-level professional whose salary can be anywhere between S$30,000 and S$56,600 or a little higher.

Unsurprisingly, many mobile app developers with this level of experience may receive a lower or higher salary depending on the companies that recruit them or the budgets of the projects they work on.

How Much a Junior Mobile Apps Developer in Singapore Earn?

On most occasions, the actual difference between an entry-level and junior mobile app developer is determined by the years in this field. Sometimes, the depth of specialization also matters because some people can contribute to projects with versatile demands while others may not focus on complex jobs.

With 2 to 5 years of professional experience under the belt, one can claim to be a junior app developer and demand around S$70,000 per year. Better pays can be demanded by those with varied portfolios.

How Much Experienced Mobile Apps Developers in Singapore Earn?

Anyone who has been doing a job for some time can be called experienced. To earn like experienced mobile app developers in Singapore, you need at least 5 years of experience.

Most app developers in this segment have 5 to 10 years on their resume and receive around S$100,000 per year including project bonuses, shared profits, and other benefits. Only a handful of app developers in Singapore can make upwards of S$100k.

The majority of developers in Singapore build their careers in two distinct platforms such as iOS and android mobile app development. Both platforms involve considerable differences, each presenting their own challenges and thus bring potentials of variable earnings.

How Much Android Mobile App Developers in Singapore Make?

Salaries earned by android application developers include their basic pay, bonuses, and other benefits as per their company policies. Look at this list.

  • Hourly Pay (Average): S$45
  • Base Salary (Average): S$95,000
  • Bonus (Average): S$4,000
  • Entry-Level Developer Salary (Average): S$65,000
  • Senior Developer Salary (Average): S$120,000

How Much iOS App Developers in Singapore Make?

iPhone app developers are known to have been able to earn slightly higher salaries plus occasional bonuses and other benefits.

  • Hourly Pay (Average): S$50
  • Base Salary (Average): S$104,000
  • Bonus (Average): S$4,100
  • Entry-Level Developer Salary (Average): S$70,000
  • Senior Developer Salary (Average): S$130,000

How Much Mobile Game Developers in Singapore Earn?

Another promising segment in mobile app is game development in which professionals enjoy attractive compensation and financial benefits, if not exactly as much as those earned by android or iOS app developers.

  • Hourly Pay (Average): S$40
  • Base Salary (Average): S$90,000
  • Bonus (Average): S$3,000
  • Entry-Level Developer Salary (Average): S$65,000
  • Senior Developer Salary (Average): S$110,000

With the mobile apps being hugely popular with Singapore’s people, mobile app development as a career has been as promising as it gets. The above salaries or pay rates only convey a rough idea about how it’s going to be for anyone aspiring to be a mobile app developer in Singapore and how expertise and experience have a great impact on one’s annual or monthly earning.

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