Mobile App Development for Singapore’s F&B Industry

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Mobile apps have impacted our lives in many ways transcending the borders and bringing people closer than ever. This ongoing march has touched Singapore in a ubiquitous way. The food and beverage industry is one of the many sectors to have benefitted from the field of mobile application development.

In this article, we’ll discuss why mobile app development has become relevant to how Singapore’s F&B industry works today and how concerned businesses can revolutionize their activities for better customer experiences and substantial growth.

Mobile App Development F&B Business Singapore

Benefits of Mobile App Development to Singapore’s F&B Companies

According to the Department of Statistics Singapore, these services brought an estimated $893 million in sales in October 2019, compared to the $854 million in sales in October 2018. Recent studies show more promising figures with a projection of even higher sales.

As we’ve tried to understand how businesses using mobile app development services are doing these days, we’ve pointed out two favourable advantages.

  • Increased Customer Loyalty
  • Minimised Cost of Overheads

If you run an F&B business in any of Singapore’s neighbourhood, these aspects may seem quite interesting. Let’s see how your restaurant and/or beverage shop can benefit from a mobile app.

Whether you want an android mobile application or an iOS app for your customers, it has to streamline the process of doorstep delivery through useful information, filtering, order management, and other features.

Customers who use an F&B mobile app can sign up, complete an order, and make payment without actually paying a visit to the restaurant or beverage store.

Not only is this more convenient for them to have their favorite food delivered straight to their doorsteps, but also they would find it less troublesome by saving the trip to outside while Singapore, like other nations, is working hard to fight the pandemic.

The home delivery system allows them to curb their in-store visits making them feel safe with their families at home without having to miss their desired dishes or drink. Doesn’t an uninterrupted delivery service mean something for them?

Well, we’ve learned from our clients who own F&B businesses in Singapore that our mobile application development support has helped them make a great difference in seeking, acquiring, and retaining customer loyalty.

Moreover, mobile apps make it easy for people to order whatever they want using a simple android or iOS app. A well-built F&B mobile app lets them cut down the extra expenses from paying the extra staff that is required to satisfy users’ queries or serve them.

7 Things to Tell Your Mobile App Developers in Singapore

Now you’re aware of the reasons mobile application development is more of an essential type of service to your F&B company than an optional one, you can use the following tips to guide your mobile app developers.

Easy Onboarding and Order Placement

Average mobile app developers don’t seem to pay due attention to how users feel about as they register and attempt to make an order. Such reluctance necessitates that the registration and order placement, tracking, and completion be intuitive, familiar, quick, and free of too many steps.

As a matter of fact, you cannot risk losing the interest of Singapore’s people who are accustomed to using more than 100 mobile apps each month. The moment they start feeling that your F&B app isn’t working as it claims to might be the end of their engagement with your business.

Geo-Location and Maps

Some of the things that customers’ need to know as they want to order is the distance of the restaurants from their locations, the approximate duration required for the delivery, and the location of the delivery staff in real time.

These are just a few benefits offered by geo-fencing or geo-location or other location-based features. These technologies can help you draw in many potential customers even though they may never visit your restaurant in person. Advanced maps being integrated into a mobile app can make it easy for customers to locate your shop without confusion.

Responsive Design with Well-Defined Menu

Your F&B app developers must make sure that the app is designed to be responsive across devices. Responsive design does more than just improving the look and feel of a mobile app. The design of an android or iOS application is deeply linked with user experience.

Every customer should be able to take a look at the menu of items they can order. Comfort and intuitive navigation are the key here. The menu doesn’t have to come in an impressive design, but it must be easy to access.

Multiple and Secure Payment Methods

The mobile app for your business should have multiple payment systems, no matter which app developers you hire. While trying to pay for the delivery, most users dislike the idea of getting a payment system in place other than the one they have. So, your app developers should integrate the most popular payment portals.

Convenient Reservation

A reputable mobile app development company is able to integrate a quick reservation feature into a mobile app for an F&B company. Remember that people might need to make reservations for special occasions going beyond simply ordering food or drink.

Smart Push Notifications for Discounts, Referrals, and Deals

The ability to utilise push notifications to maximise potential sales is one of the important characteristics of a mobile app developer. Those notifications should be designed in a way that they inform customers of attractive deals, referrals, and hot deals without annoying them.

Hassle-Free Rating and Feedback System

A standard feedback system is integral to any mobile app designed for a business having a customer base. It’s the rating and feedback mechanism that allows them to provide their reviews of your services.

A well-designed rating system encourages customers to express clearly what they think about your business. This way, you can take appropriate measures to improve their experience and keep them coming back.

So, are you wondering how to find a reliable android app development company that can take care of the above concerns and handle a budget-friendly mobile app development project for your F&B brand? You’re only a call away.

Our developers also specialize in iOS app development. Feel free to call or write to us and get a free quote today.

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