Mobile App Development Trends in Singapore: 2021 & Beyond

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So, what is trending in Singapore in 2021? If this is about the digital industry, mobile app development is one of the top sectors to have been popular in Singapore. Mobile apps have brought great convenience to Singaporeans across most of their daily activities from banking, shopping, and transport to communication, eating and dating.

User demands keep evolving and changing with time, making it almost inevitable for new trends to emerge each year. So, it is very challenging for iOS and android app developers to keep up the pace with technological evolution while meeting the changing demands of users.

Mobile App Development Trends

As one of the nations that is highly invested in technology and innovation, Singapore never hesitates to take on new challenges. So, it’s time for every android and iOS development company as well as businesses to understand what mobile app development trend will work this year and dominate the ones to come.

Top 6 Mobile App Development Trends in Singapore

Those days are gone when publishers could get away with mobile apps having a bunch of features not nearly as useful as people would want. But now, the competition is too fierce for app designers and developers to let go of an opportunity where they could follow the trend and build killer mobile apps. Let’s take a look at the top mobile app trends in Singapore.

AR and VR

According to Infocomm Media Development Authority, the AR/VR (Augmented/Virtual Reality) market was projected to reach S$365.19 million in 2018, and the CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) would be 9%. The statutory board also predicts that consumer products using AR/VR will be the top segment.

AR and VR technologies have taken user experience to the next generation, transforming the older features. These mobile app development trends are quickly getting traction with many business and development sectors in Singapore including education, business, navigation, architecture, and other common purposes.

Artificial Intelligence

Want to book an Uber or order your lunch? Just put Alexa or Siri to work. This is just one example of AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology that brings a ‘hands-free’ mobile experience and offers an easier lifestyle.

Ever since the first AI powered mobile app was introduced, this technology keeps ruling over the tech world through the integration of innovative and smart capabilities into mobile devices. Chatbots, Machine learning, Deep learning, Big data, and Neural networks are the most widely used features for mobile phones these days.

Following Singapore’s continued effort to become Asia’s AI leader, app developers are quickly adapting to use the newest features and provide real-life benefits.

Mobile Wallets

Forget your wallet at home? Worry not, because you can take a large amount of money anywhere you go without actually carrying the cash or an ATM card. Making payment is now a matter of a few taps on your mobile phone.

Virtual mobile wallets allow people to use fast, secure and convenient payment gateways across the globe. People in Singapore now prefer digital payments to cash transactions. In 2017-2018, around 97% of all households in Singapore had at least a single e-payment transaction.

It’s true that the world understands the real worth of contactless payment in maintaining social distancing protocol due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Thanks to the developers! Will it be wrong to say that we’re going to embrace a cashless world in the next few decades?

App Security

Living in Singapore where digital accessibility is prevalent, you must have heard about hacking, cybercrime, digital trespassing, online attacks, data breaches, and all that. Singapore tracked a huge volume of drive-by download attacks which indicate 138.5% increase in 2019 year-over-year.

The more use of digital technologies might pose more security threats to Singapore’s digital experience. Proper security implementation on mobile apps can provide safety from data theft, breach of confidentiality, and other potential threats.

In a world where the top social media or tech giants struggle with security issues, we cannot really overlook the implementation of robust security in mobile app development. As a mobile app development company, we too take it seriously.

Apps for Fordable Devices

Yeah, foldable mobile is making a comeback; with smarter user interfaces and compact designs. When Google officially announced its OS support for foldable devices in 2018, the idea of making foldable devices available is getting a lot of attention.

Industry giants like Samsung and Motorola now have developed foldable devices which have OLED displays and bigger screens but take up less space in your pocket. Past experiences confirm that foldable phones could not succeed due to poor UI and UX, limited features, and screen crack.

Now it is obvious that the mobile app development industry is gearing up to improve the foldable experiences for users with better folding mechanism, bigger screen, multi-tasking apps and many more. So, this particular mobile app development trend is here to stay.


Online shopping is not just a smart mode of shopping anymore. It has become a daily habit of Singapore’s digitally confident people. M-commerce keeps getting stronger in terms of growth than the e-commerce market in general.

According to a study by JPMorgan Chase, Singapore’s m-commerce industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13.6% by 2023. If that really happens, the m-commerce market value will be SGD6.52 billion, says the study.

M-commerce is a mobile app feature that offers enriched user experience allowing business transactions to be completed with just a few taps on the mobile screen regardless of the location.

With the number of smartphone users increasing, mobile app developers need to adopt the newest and high-tech development tools to make m-commerce faster, safer, and better.

Looking for an agency that abides by all these trends? You might look to hire a reliable android app development company. For greater reach, you may want to take a look at our iOS app development services. Feel free to ask for a quote or write to us for more information about app development.

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