Orfeo Cloud Voice Solutions

Stay Ahead of the Curve: Embrace VOIP Technology for Enhanced Communication with Orfeo Cloud Voice Solutions

As a leader in the IT industry, we are dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions that empower top companies like yours to optimize communication, drive productivity, and gain a competitive edge. Businesses today face communication challenges that can impede growth and hinder success. By recognising the need for innovation and investing in VOIP Technology now, you can proactively address these challenges and position your company for success.

Orfeo cloud voice solutions

What is Orfeo cloud voice solutions?

Orfeo cloud voice solutions comprises a Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) Telephone system, which is a technology that allows you to make voice calls and transmit multimedia content over the internet instead of traditional telephone lines.

Key Benefits

Orfeo cloud voice solutions

Future-Proof Communication

This modern technology is adaptable and scalable, allowing your organization to keep pace with advancements in the digital landscape.

Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity

Our IP telephony systems streamline communication processes, offering advanced features that maximize efficiency and productivity. From call routing to conference calling, you'll experience seamless collaboration across teams and locations.

Cost Optimization and Savings

Investing in IP telephony systems can lead to substantial cost savings over time. With reduced long-distance call expenses and infrastructure maintenance, your company can allocate resources to other critical areas of growth.

Seamless Integration

Our IP telephony systems seamlessly integrate with existing business tools and applications. This integration fosters a unified communications environment, enabling seamless workflow and enhancing overall productivity.

Competitive Advantage

Early adoption of IP telephony systems places your company at the forefront of communication technology. By embracing innovation, you gain a competitive advantage over competitors who lag behind in adopting modern communication solutions.

Case study 1

Powering Government Communication - How Cloud Voice Revolutionized Efficiency and Empowered Call Centers in Singapore

Client: Government Office in Singapore
Problem: Intermittent telephony issues and inaccurate call reports
Challenge: Implementing a unified solution across 5 sites with custom features

The Government Office in Singapore, serving as a critical point of communication and public service, faced recurring and pertinent challenges with its existing telephony systems. The 110 users, including 10 call center agents, spread across 5 different sites, struggled with intermittent telephony issues and wrong statistics on call reports. The existing vendor was unable to provide a satisfactory solution, and the lack of central management compounded the problem.

Orfeostory discovered that the core issue stemmed from having two different telephony systems at each of the 5 sites. As a result, seamless communication and standardized reporting were elusive. The discrepancy in call reports hindered accurate analysis of user and call center agent performance, impacting the overall efficiency of the government office.

In response to the pressing telephony challenges faced by the Government Office, our team of experts proposed a cutting-edge Cloud Voice Solution. The solution encompassed a host of robust call centre features, a customized dashboard, and advanced reporting capabilities to address the existing pain points.

1. Centralized Management: Orfeostory devised a unified telephony system that centralized management across all 5 sites. This provided administrators with enhanced control, easier user access management, and simplified configurations.

2. Seamless Work-from-Home Capability: In recognition of the evolving work landscape, our Cloud Voice Solution enabled all 110 users to work efficiently from the comfort of their homes. Through this system, employees could make customer calls, displaying their designated DDI numbers, ensuring a seamless remote working experience.

3. Enhanced Call Centre Functionality: For the 10 call center agents, we tailored specific features to enhance their performance. The new system allowed the call center manager to monitor calls in real-time, assist agents when required, and efficiently train new agents through the barge-in functionality.

4. Customized Dashboard and Reporting: Our solution included a fully customizable dashboard that allowed the Government Office to access real-time data, monitor key performance indicators (KPIs), and generate detailed call reports. This ensured accurate insights into user and call center agent performance, facilitating data-driven decision-making.

The implementation of the Cloud Voice Solution brought about significant improvements and transformations for the Government Office in Singapore.

1. Centralized Management Success: The unified telephony system led to streamlined management, allowing administrators to oversee all sites efficiently. This centralized approach resulted in optimized user access control and simplified administration.

2. Seamless Remote Work Experience: With the ability to work from home, the 110 users experienced heightened productivity and maintained uninterrupted communication with customers using their designated DDI numbers.

3. Empowered Call Centre Managers: The call center manager benefited greatly from real-time monitoring and barge-in functionality. This improved agent training and support, leading to an overall increase in the call center’s efficiency.

4. Accurate Call Reports and KPIs: The newly implemented reporting system provided accurate and comprehensive call reports. As a result, the Government Office gained valuable insights into user and call center agent performance, enabling them to optimize workflows and deliver improved services.

5. Productivity and Efficiency Boost: Overall, the Cloud Voice Solution resulted in increased productivity and enhanced efficiency for the Government Office in Singapore, solidifying their commitment to delivering exceptional public services.

In conclusion, the successful implementation of the Cloud Voice Solution transformed telephony operations for the Government Office in Singapore. By overcoming the challenges of multiple systems and inaccurate call reports, our custom solution brought centralization, efficiency, and productivity to the forefront, enabling seamless communication and public service excellence.

Experience the cutting-edge Cloud Voice Solution that revolutionized the Government Office’s communication efficiency. Unlock the power of seamless remote work, enhanced call center features, and accurate reporting. Take the first step towards optimizing your organization’s productivity and effectiveness. Request your customized trial now.

Case study 2

Empowering Remote Workforce - How 3CX Enterprise Edition Transformed Singapore's Employment Assistance Program

Client: Employment Assistance Program Agency in Singapore
Problem: Legacy telephony system unsuitable for remote work
Challenge: Enabling work-from-home capabilities and call privacy

The Employment Assistance Program Agency in Singapore, dedicated to connecting job seekers with employment opportunities, encountered a significant challenge with its existing telephony system. The agency’s 290 users, including 250 call agents, faced limitations during the Covid period, hindering their ability to support clients effectively. Additionally, agents were hesitant to use personal numbers for calling customers, which impacted service delivery.

As the pandemic necessitated a shift towards remote work, the agency’s legacy telephony system proved ill-equipped to support this transformation. The lack of work-from-home capabilities severely restricted agent availability, and the privacy concerns surrounding personal numbers hampered customer interactions.

Our team of experts proposed a robust and reliable solution to address the unique challenges faced by the Employment Assistance Program Agency. The chosen approach involved implementing the On-prem 3CX Enterprise Edition VOIP solution, designed to empower the remote workforce and enhance call privacy.

1. High Availability with 3CX Enterprise Edition: We provided the agency with the powerful 3CX Enterprise Edition, ensuring seamless and reliable communication across all fronts. The system’s high availability capabilities guaranteed uninterrupted service delivery and minimal downtime.

2. Selective Call Recording: To maintain privacy and comply with regulations, the 3CX solution allowed the agency to enable call recording for selected users, safeguarding sensitive customer information.

3. Work-from-Home Enabled: With softphones installed on their laptops, all 290 users, including the 250 call agents, gained the ability to work from home effectively. This remote work setup enabled continuous service provision and improved agent availability.

4. DDI Number Display: The 3CX Enterprise Edition allowed all users and call agents to make calls to customers, displaying their designated DDI numbers. This seamless interaction enhanced customer experience and fostered a professional image.

5. Accurate Call Reports and KPIs: The newly implemented telephony system generated accurate call reports, providing insights into user and call agent performance. These valuable KPI metrics facilitated data-driven decision-making and process optimization.

The adoption of the On-prem 3CX Enterprise Edition VOIP solution brought about transformative outcomes for the Employment Assistance Program Agency in Singapore.

1. Uninterrupted Service Delivery: The high availability of the 3CX Enterprise Edition ensured continuous communication and service provision, even during challenging times, resulting in enhanced client support.

2. Enhanced Call Privacy: The selective call recording feature offered peace of mind for both agents and customers, adhering to privacy regulations and building trust in interactions.

3. Seamless Work-from-Home Experience: The work-from-home capabilities empowered all 290 users, including the 250 call agents, to maintain productivity, leading to increased operational efficiency.

4. Professional Image: The display of DDI numbers during customer calls projected a professional image for the agency, reinforcing credibility and fostering better customer relationships.

5. Optimized Performance: Accurate call reports and KPI metrics allowed the agency to identify areas for improvement, leading to increased productivity and process efficiency.

In conclusion, the adoption of the 3CX Enterprise Edition VOIP solution revolutionized the Employment Assistance Program Agency’s operations, enabling a seamless transition to remote work and enhancing customer interactions. The agency’s commitment to innovation and excellence was solidified, further reinforcing its position as a leading employment assistance provider in Singapore.

Discover how 3CX Enterprise Edition revolutionized Singapore’s Employment Assistance Program, enabling seamless work-from-home capabilities and enhancing call privacy. Experience high availability, accurate call reporting, and increased productivity with our powerful VOIP solution. Request your complimentary trial now and elevate your agency’s communication and service delivery.

Key Features

Orfeo cloud voice solutions

Available on Private cloud

Choose the deployment option that best suits your business needs and infrastructure.

Easy, Low-Cost Subscription

Benefit from an affordable subscription model that offers powerful features without breaking the bank.

Can Use Existing Hardware / Lines

Seamlessly integrate with your current infrastructure, saving on upfront costs and simplifying the transition.

Live Chat, SMS/MMS, Video Conferencing Included

Enjoy built-in live chat, SMS/MMS messaging, and video conferencing capabilities.

Free Apps to Facilitate Remote Working

Stay connected and productive with free mobile and desktop apps for remote communication.

Integrates with CRM Systems and MS 365

Enhance customer interactions and streamline workflows by integrating with popular CRM systems and Microsoft 365.

Brands We Work With

over 100+ supported CRM integrations

Our Supported CRM Integrations

Want to know more about cloud voice solution?

Cloud Voice Solution FAQs

What are the additional Features and Functionality of 3CX:

  • Call Queues
  • Ring Groups
  • Call Recording
  • Call Reporting
  • SLA Alerts
  • Wallboard / Switchboard
  • Hot Desking
  • Click to Call / Meet
  • Skill-based Routing
  • Customized Call Flows
  • Video Conferencing for up to 250 users
  • No Downloads Required: Attendees can join video conferences with a simple link or dial-in.
  • Webinars: Host webinars, enable recording, and share screens and PDFs.
  • Remote Desktop: Collaborate effectively by sharing your desktop.
  • Create Polls: Engage participants and gather feedback during conferences.
  • Interactive Whiteboard: Foster collaboration with an interactive whiteboard.
  • Chat and Messaging:
  • One Interface for All Live Chat / WhatsApp / SMS Messages.
  • Website Live Chat for WP, Drupal, Joomla!, or Custom CMS.
  • Enable Live Chat to Live Call.
  • Chat Queues Multiple Agents.
  • Get Chat Reports and Chat Ratings.
  • Added Free with Your Subscription.
  • CRM Integration:
  • Supports All Major CRMs: Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, HubSpot & More!
  • Saves Time and Increases Agent Productivity.
  • Know Who’s Calling: Matches caller ID to record in CRM.
  • Automatic Creation of New Customer Records.
  • Call Journaling & Chat Logging.

How Can Orfeo cloud voice solutions Help Your Business?

Orfeo cloud voice solutions offers numerous benefits for your business:

  • One Single Solution for All Your Business Communications.
  • Improves Agent Productivity.
  • Enhances the Customer Experience.
  • Saves Costs by up to 80%.

Why choose Orfeo cloud voice solutions for your communication needs?

  • Unbeatable Price: Save up to 80% per year.
  • Free for Unlimited Extensions.
  • Choose Your Own SIP Trunk.
  • Low Annual License Price: Starts at $X per user per month.
  • Slash Your Phone Bill: Employees on the road or at home can call for free.
  • Eliminate Interoffice Calls: Leverage low-cost SIP Trunk pricing.
  • Open Platform: Retain control and choose your own phone numbers, SIP Trunk, cloud provider, and hardware.
  • Deploy Anywhere: Self-host or have it hosted by Orfeostory Cloud Voice Solution, on-premises or virtualized.
  • Easy to Manage: Add and manage extensions easily. Orfeostory Cloud Voice Solution provides tested phone configuration and firmwares. Updates and upgrades can be deployed automatically.
  • Mobility Work from Anywhere: Modern Android and iOS apps, web and Windows communications client, corporate chat, and browser-based video conferencing, all at no extra charge.
  • Advanced Customer Service Functions: Call queues, IVR, advanced call reporting, integration with leading CRM apps, and agent training tools.

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