Hiring a Website Design Agency in Singapore? Look for These Skills

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Common beliefs about the job of a web design company suggest that a team of graphic designers is there to create visuals for a website or application. But the key aspects of web design are based around two processes such as User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX).

UI design incorporates all the aesthetic elements used/ expected by users as they need to interact with a website. UI elements include buttons, menu bars, icons, colors, typography, and more. UX design encompasses everything that directs and affects users’ overall experience as they start interacting with a website.

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UI and UX design being in combination denote particular tasks rather than typical graphic design work including color schemes, logos, and content design. Every website design agency in Singapore needs individuals with certain skills to handle this creative endeavor. So, which skills are we talking about here?

Required Skills of a Website Design Agency in Singapore

UI/UX designers should have both technical and interpersonal skills to do their job properly. While technical skills are essential, the other skills are no less important.

UX Research

Every UX designer should be able to research and collect quantitative and qualitative data about target users and analyse the available data. Common methods include conducting structured or open-ended interviews, creating focus groups, conducting surveys, and observing the audience under natural and/ or test conditions.

Selection of participants to form a focus group should be done carefully, and results from discussions should be recorded for in-depth analysis. UX designers must have familiarity with test methods pertaining to usability such as heat maps, card sorting, etc.

Wireframing and Prototyping

It is recommended that a layout is required to show which elements on the interface to be available on the important pages of a website. That layout is also known as the wireframe. UI/ UX designers should be able to denote different UI design elements like CTA buttons, images, navigation, etc. in diagrams. Therefore, they are the key professionals to decide,

  • which features or elements to display
  • where to put certain elements or features to ensure accessibility
  • how to present all those elements in a way that enables users to get the most of the website

As the wireframe is finalised, designers need to create and test a primary model of various features. UI designers rely on a bunch of tools that help them with prototyping to create a final mockup, pretty similar to what (the website) has been planned. Efficiency is important when it comes to creating a good mockup.

UX Writing

While using a website, we hear or read certain words that can be crucial to the navigability and user experience of that website. It is called microcopy as a whole that requires some skills, known as UX writing skills. For a UX write-up to be precise and useful, it should reflect the website’s goal (and the brand’s value).

UX writing is now becoming an important part of what a website design agency in Singapore does on a daily basis. It goes hand in hand with visual design and interaction to develop an environment for users where all their needs are fulfilled.

Visual Communication

Don’t you want your audience to look at an icon or an element and immediately know what that icon/ element does/ represents? If you ever have the same experience with a website, you should know that the site’s visual communication is strong.

It is about minimizing or dismissing the need for textual instructions while enabling users to benefit from visual cues to do exactly the things they want to or interact the way they need to. Users are likely to appreciate it if they are able to find their desired information almost in an instant without going through lines of text.

Interaction Design

One of the primary goals of UI/ UX design is to ensure that users can complete their desired tasks putting minimal effort. In doing so, website developers need to focus on interaction design which consists of aesthetics, usability, motion, and sound.

All of these elements have effects on how users view a website. So, every website design agency in Singapore has to concentrate on information access, user flows, and overall screen layout.

Coding/ Programming Skills

Although conventional UI/UX designer skills don’t include much of programming expertise, basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are required so that designers can handle minor changes to the different pages of a website.

Coding knowledge may not be an attractive possession to those who go about creativity as part of their daily living. But this particular skill helps them smartly collaborate with other professionals such as software engineers and web developers.

Proper collaboration between a UI/UX designer and the other professionals makes it easy for designers to intuitively understand the various constraints of software architecture and then think about realistic designs to create effective and powerful user interfaces.

Analytical Ability

Working at a website design agency in Singapore doesn’t always mean you have to stay confined within the relevant tools only. As you may need to evaluate the overall performance and accessibility of your website, understanding numbers (percentages, ratios, and fractions) is important.

Apart from the day-to-day responsibilities, UI/UX designers may also need to engage themselves in usability testing which requires them to monitor data and interaction with websites constantly and figure out ways to improve user experience.

Information Architecture

Knowledge about information flow and architecture is a must as it enables designers to structure, label, and organize the content on a website. They need to consider visitors’ need for understanding of a website or digital product.

Besides these technical skills, a website design agency should have members on the team who have strong interpersonal skills like curiosity about users’ expectations and pain points; ability and intention to empathize with users; willingness to deal with undefined problems and ambiguous requirements; and clear communication with both the various departments within a website design agency in Singapore as well as customers.

Singapore is no less competitive a market for web designers than other regions across the world. Hundreds of web design agencies are trying to make a difference when it comes to presenting user-centric UIs. So, an ideal web design agency in Singapore should recruit people who possess the above skills and have the motivation to develop themselves.

Interested to meet such people? We are proud to provide practical values through our web design services, and this is where we count on our creative and brilliant UI/UX designers with a positive attitude and hunger for excellence. Visit our office or have a quick meeting.

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