Secrets to Develop an Award Winning Website

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Have you ever been thinking of having a website that can bring you international recognition? If you run a Singapore based business, you must have thought about it. An award winning website design is an integral part of branding that brings your products or services a lot of positivity and value to generate interest among users. But what makes such a special website?

It is not only the design that separates the good websites from the bad ones. There are many x-factors your website designer should accomplish while designing to capture the attention of the users and make your company shine. Want to know which are those tips? Keep reading!

award winning website design

A Killer Design

It’s only 7 seconds you get to grab your viewers’ attention! That’s quite challenging, especially in a technology hub like Singapore. But not impossible if you have a great website with a killer design on board. Now, what can bring you that attention?

Well, one of the considerations of making a creative web design in believing in “work smarter, not harder”. Creating a simple web design is a smarter approach than making a website that has too many items. Even it takes less time to develop a simple, well-organized, high-quality design. Even it hands in increasing your conversion as well.

Another point is CTA which motivates your sales funnel. Skipping a CTA button is a grave mistake a web designer can ever commit. It is the determining factor between a lead and a conversion that allows users to access desirable information in the fewest possible clicks.

Needless to say, the homepage is the shopfront that needs to be organized wisely. Because it is your homepage design that can convert viewers in your customers or lose them by creating a good or bad first impression. Make sure your homepage contains quality images, relevant videos, and other dynamic content.


No single website can achieve recognition without having a responsive design. 40% of users have gone to a competitor’s website after a poor mobile experience. But why is responsiveness so important to an award winning website design? Because with a responsive web design you can read and navigate the site through any devices with minimum resizing and scrolling.

This user-friendliness of a website translates into a positive perception of your brand and brings a higher conversion rate for your business. Not only impacting your SEO and conversion rate but also it can contribute to your website ranking and growth.

Google also recommended a responsive website in 2015 and began rewarding the sites which were fully optimized for mobile. Since a responsive design is easy for clients to interact with, share, and link to the sites that are not responsive, it is on-trend to Singapore-based business owners.

Interactive Web Design

Have you recently heard of some websites like WindowSwap, Otterdev, Reputation Defender Singapore, Aidentity, Transform with Fleava? Well, you don’t need to be an IT literate to know the name of these well-known award-winning websites. With their finest performance in mobile friendliness and best usability, these top-notch websites have recently been awarded by Awwward from Singapore. So, what made them stand out?

A good website provides content and images across the website, but an award winning website design allows users to interact with the part of the design or content. An interactive website makes the users feel empowered. Such a website allows them to do things they cannot do with other websites. They can search, vote, choose their location, vote, ask a question — they are in charge. Customers feel encouraged with these positive experiences. Thus, loyalty builds up and stays for years.

Smart Use of White Space

The goal of an award winning website design is to make your client remember your product and keep coming back to you. So, for the better experience of the clients, a website should come across as sleek, sophisticated, and user-friendly. For that, you should be strategic to utilize white space throughout your site to highlight key elements of each page and make the content pop.

Moreover, increase your readability and website performance with the smart use of white space because it is a part of the “less is more” campaign which is proven to be effective while designing a world class website.

Content Matters!

In Singapore, content marketing is an effective strategy for both B2C or B2B businesses. Award-winning website designers in Singapore should focus on both the design and the content as content is equally important to the design. Quality content is what sets your website apart from the crowd and delivers the right message to your customers. It has to be storytelling and informative to make the website relevant with the design structure and leave the users with an engaging impression.

Award Winning Website Designer in Singapore

Well, when it comes to making an award winning website design, the list of specifications may not end. But we can surely put an end to your hassle of finding the best web design company in Singapore. We, Orfeostory, are the award winning website design and development agency in Singapore that understands exactly how a stunning website can aid your professional needs.

Being awarded by organizations such as Awwwards and Muse Creative Awards, we have built trust and integrity in our clients and we take pride in delivering top class website solution for a large community across Singapore and beyond.

So, forget about looking at phenomenal websites as a template to copy since you can have something simply original to elevate your own personal brand. Orfeostory understands the worth of your website for your business. So, being unique and clean should be your priority.

But how can you find a company that offers expertise of this kind? Not all web design agencies have had the talents to accomplish this. So, you cannot help looking for a team that has a proven record of creating award winning website designs. That’s where we could invite you to a friendly chat. Call us today and get a free quote!

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