Are you looking for Android App development company in Singapore? Here are some tips that might be helpful for you.

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Android is, by far, the largest and most popular mobile app platform. Businesses have their reasons to invest in android mobile apps. With so many people interested in having an app, developers are likely in demand. But can you hire just any android app development company in Singapore? You know you cannot.

An application developed without due diligence might be running for a while but would cost you dearly in many ways, one of which can be decreased mobile app retention. So, you want to be sure if the android app development company you are going to hire has the ability to help you all the way, from creating a well-planned mobile app development budget to building a successful application.

Android App Development

3 Tips for Hiring an Android App Development Company in Singapore

In today’s discussion, we’ll be talking about three crucial aspects of android development, which will help you stay on the right track when hiring a company.

Sound Understanding of Product Behavior

Every Android App development company in Singapore, be it a startup or reputable one, should develop a strong sense of product design and behavior up to the stage where you are able to assist them without hiring a dedicated product manager.

Think of a simple sign-up or register page for an application. What do you picture? A few fields including the ones for first name, last name, email, username, and password are all you can see. But in practice, you want:

  • To provide an authentication method which can be anything like Gmail, Facebook, etc.
  • To run a validation check to know whether the email provided is valid or not.
  • To allow users who already have signed in to skip this screen (that requires validation).

The above points are only the basics, and you may want to add more features which might not seem very useful at the beginning. A professional android development agency should be able to recognize all the scenarios and relevant needs and plan the work accordingly.

App developers with true experience in understanding and shaping product behavior can develop apps that not only work professionally but also provide good user experience. You don’t want the user interface of your android app to look less mature. Similarly, you want to see fewer development cycles to create a stable version.

All these can be ensured by an android app development company that knows how an app should behave for its target audience.

In-Depth Experience in UI and UX Design

The user interface of a mobile app involves a lot more than graphics only. The UI should look professional and beautiful without sacrificing simplicity. Your UI designer may create a high-quality UI that looks as good as you want, but the app might undergo significant changes during the development. A reliable app developer is the one that knows how to adjust the changes for new features.

You may consider employing a designer to handle every small adjustment or change, but at the same time, you need to consider the expenses and extension of the development timeline. Android comes with a bunch of useful UI solutions (libraries and tutorials). A good android app developer should have knowledge about those solutions.

Common and popular UI patterns can be good because your users might already be familiar with them. Implementation of those patterns doesn’t take much time, thanks to the resourceful libraries from Google. App developers with experience in Material Design and UI are able to utilize these resources.

UI patterns, especially some of the new ones, are based on Google’s Material Design concepts which are compatible for smaller devices. Google provides a lot of free icons which cover the needs of typical android apps. Free resources like material color palette are there to make the job of designing easier and more feasible. Make sure the android app development company you are planning to hire has access to these resources.

Proven Record of Releasing Android Apps and Publishing Them on Google Play

An ideal android app development company in Singapore must have experience releasing several apps and publishing all of them successfully on Google Play. This experience is essential due to the following facts.

When releasing any android app, some important steps need to be followed, and only experienced developers can complete those steps with utmost ease. For example, we can mention a tool called Proguard that removes unused classes and libraries and obfuscates the code to make the app safer and smaller.

Developers without prior experience using Proguard may fail to bring the correct output, leaving code exposed and the app size much bigger. A seasoned app developer knows when to use the tool (only when releasing an android app). You don’t want the code to be obfuscated while the app is being tested since the app is still unpublished.

As soon as an app is ready to be published, it has to be signed, an action that requires you to use a specific file containing a hash key. This key is proof of your ownership of the app. Not only does this ensure the security of the app to some extent, it also helps you abide by a mandatory rule as you attempt to publish an android app to Google Play.

When it comes to a new version update, that key becomes relevant again without which you won’t be able to release a new update. A professional android app development company in Singapore knows where to save this file as they follow standard and recommended practices for both backups and security.

Monitoring is another important part of the development process, which is mainly included in mobile app maintenance. Reliable services are available to monitor an app after its release. Experienced app developers usually suggest that analytics and crashes on certain actions be monitored on a regular basis.

Quite a few libraries and tools are there for this job. An expert android developer knows which one to use for which type of mobile app. Many would only suggest Google’s crash monitoring tool, but the limitation is only the crashes specified by the user are monitored. A knowledgeable developer has access to tools that monitor every crash automatically as it occurs.

Understanding all Google Play features is important since you want to improve the application and see more users (downloads). For example, you can look at the language recommendations which are provided by Google based on the countries of users who are using your app and others in the same category.

It is only an example, and Google offers many more tools and free services like this. A seasoned android developer should have sound familiarity with the platform and all its statistical tools.

With these insights, you may find it a bit challenging to hire a reputable android app development company in Singapore. Isn’t it good to meet a team that has all of the above characteristics and more? Feel free to contact us anytime.

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