Top 10 Web Design Companies in Singapore

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Singapore, the sovereign city-state, has seen significant expansion of its ICT sector over the last two decades, and web design companies have been one of the leading members of the industry since then.

Most of these agencies once used to be run by only one or two individual(s), and with time, they grew to be successful companies. Primarily, they used to on basic design principles to create user interfaces. These days, things have changed with the adoption of bold typography, animations and GIFs, 3D geometric shapes, and more importantly illustrative web design.

However, enriching users’ web experience and maximizing growth potentials have always been the goals of these businesses. In this article, we’ve put the names of 10 well-respected companies that assist people and other organizations in their ventures.

Best Web Design Companies in Singapore

The list below has been created based on the facts revealed by thorough research, affordability of services, experience, and testimonials from customers.

Companies Services Year of Foundation
Aidentity Web and Ecommerce Design and Development 2010
Orfeostory Web Design, Mobile App, CRM Solutions, Logo and Visuals 2011
Novage Web Design and Development, Landing Page, Microsite, Domain and Hosting 2010
Verz Web and Mobile App Development, Multimedia Design, Marketing, Copywriting 2009
Krome Custom Web and Visual Design 2009
North InfoTech UI/UX, Web Apps, Ecommerce, ERP/CRM, Desktop Application 2012
EFusion Web Design, Digital Marketing, Consultation 2004
Awebstar Web and App Development, Ecommerce, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing 2014
Subraa Logo, Web, and Graphic Design, SEO, Digital Marketing 2012
Notch Studio Web and Graphic Design, Development, Ecommerce, Site Maintenance, SEO 2010


Let’s know a bit more about the companies and how they are putting efforts to help clients’ businesses reach the next level.



Unlike most other companies in the same category, Aidentity employs its resources mostly on design and development, which is one of the reasons the company comes on top of this list.

With over a decade of experience in various sectors, especially the corporate and ecommerce fields, Aidentity has reimagined the concept of web design to serve its happy clients and maintain a high retention rate.

A quick look at its business website reveals why it was nominated as the Site of the Month under commercial category by Singapore Website Awards.


Orfeostory Pte Ltd

The company started its operation in Korea and then founded its office in Singapore in 2011. Since then, it has enjoyed a fair share of success. It specializes in ecommerce website, mobile and CRM app development with a focus on web design and other creative services.

Connecting with a limited yet strong client base, Orfeostory has managed to stay relevant in the industry when it comes to digital services for SMEs and corporations.


Novage Communications Pte Ltd

Another trusted service provider to make it to this list is Novage that cater to businesses and individuals. The agency provides everything required to launch a website and solidify its web presence.

Although web design is not Novage’s only forte, clients can choose from a couple of packages including one for premium and another for affordable services.


Verz Design

Few companies on this list have so varied and specialized services as those at Verz. Besides, creative and design services, clients can benefit from its development, marketing, consultancy, and copywriting services.

So, it is no wonder why web design doesn’t get much of the spotlight. But it is still one of the most reputable names among those who need digital solutions.



Krome enjoys excellent working relationships with some of the world’s prominent brands like Yamaha, Canon, Lenovo, Kaplan, and a bunch of local companies.

It started with one straightforward goal – to create beautiful UI. Over the last one decade, it has expanded its domain of specialties including web and UX design, technical and development, and printing services to the list.


North InfoTech

Similar to Verz in terms of the variety of skills, this company has become a one-stop place for many of Singapore’s independent professionals, local business, and small enterprises.

The company is working to make a difference in ERP and CRM development alongside its design, web and app development, and creative supports.


EFusion Technology

EFusion started its journey earlier than most agencies and took this opportunity to become a multifaceted service provider for some popular local businesses.

Besides web and design supports, EFusion helps its clients with digital marketing, ecommerce, government grants, and other consultation services.


Awebstar Technologies Pte Ltd

Having in-depth experience from several thousands of projects, Awebstar inevitably gets its spot on this list. Some of its major clients are Singtel, DHL Express, and Foodpanda.

In addition to web design and ecommerce web services, it has earned great reputation as a software solution provider for niche markets.



Like Aidentity, Subraa is another fast-growing company mostly dedicated to offering creative and design services to small and medium businesses.

Whether it is a simple logo design or a complete UI including complex elements, Subraa is ready with its proven expertise in logo, illustration, and web visuals.


Notch Studio

It is hard to not see what this company has accomplished since its business started ten years ago. Notch has won the Davey Awards 2011 and the 17th Communicator Awards for Interactive Website Design that speak of its excellence in what it does.

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