Top Mobile Apps in Singapore for a Rewarding Lifestyle

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We all know how mobile apps are transforming our day-to-day experiences. It won’t be wrong to think that there’s a mobile app for anything we want to do for the sake of a great lifestyle. But not all apps are created equal and specifically useful for the people of Singapore.

In this article, we’ve brought you the names of mobile apps in Singapore which are built with the needs of Singaporeans. As a digital agency with experienced mobile app developers, we’ve tried to make suggestions to aid people in their way of life.

Top Mobile Apps

Top Mobile Apps in Singapore for Ride Sharing

No list of ride hailing apps in singapore is complete without these three names: Grab, Comfort Taxis, and GoJek. One of these names is sure to come up on top when you’re looking for the best ride hailing app in Singapore.


  • Largest, if not the best, fleet of vehicles makes it easy for users to find a ride almost instantly.
  • Multiple ride sharing options include GrabShare, GrabHitch, JustGrab, and GrabCar.
  • Different subscription plans are available for regular/frequent users.



  • You need GrabFamily to pick up your kid and GrabPet to take your pet.

Comfort Taxis

  • Large fleet of vehicles and the option to choose from metered or flat fare allow this ride-hailing mobile app a competitive advantage.
  • Booking via the designated mobile app, SMS, or phone call is available.
  • No child seat is required by the users wishing to pick up their children.
  • Users with NETS or credit card payment facilities enjoy administrative charge.



  • Most expensive of these three ride-hailing services, and the booking fees are considerable too.
  • You can take your pet but only if it’s caged or muzzled.


  • Discounts and promo codes are automatically applied to the users’ accounts
  • You can carry your pet but with the driver’s approval



  • GOCAR is the only ride option.
  • GoJek’s fleet of vehicles is not very large but it’s growing.
  • You need a child seat before picking up your kid.

One of the key factors while choosing the right one from ride-sharing mobile apps in Singapore is its pricing policy during peak hours. All of these services come at a surge in the charges. Comfort Taxis sets the charges by categorizing the duration into 4 types such as late night, peak hours, Changi Airport, and CBD.

Top Mobile Apps in Singapore for Online Payment

Singapore’s well-connected economy as well as the Monetary Authority of Singapore drives the widespread adoption and development of mobile payment gateways, making these e-payment solutions tremendously popular with around 77% of the population, and for good reasons.

You can use both non-bank and bank-owned payment solutions in Singapore. GrabPay and FavePay are among the non-bank types, and DBS PayLah! is the most notable bank-owned service.

These non-bank mobile apps in Singapore are ideal for payments and daily purchases with GrabPay having a special advantage, ride-hailing payments. If you like something of a mobile payment solution in Singapore for recurring bills, DBS PayLah! is technically the one you want.

SG Transport App Worth Trying

Roaming around a city so full of life as the ones in Singapore is always desirable. Again, the well-planned lines of public transports like buses make your travel in and out of a place easy. But you can always benefit from a bus location app.

SG Buses can be your all-in-one solution as it informs you of arrival times, bus routes and stops, availability of seats and other information about buses. Arguably the best transport app in Singapore, this one is a familiar name among people who are used to choosing buses for their day-to-day trips.

CityMapper is another big name that allows you to map out a commute of your choosing in any of the major cities. Choose from the various travelling options based on the public transport networks. You can also choose train or bus-only options with real-time updates like arrival schedules, detailed routes and directions. It’s a great companion to those who are new to Singapore.

There are other mobile apps in Singapore serving the same purpose. But these two are all we find useful for people with a variety of commuting and daily transport needs.

Best News App in Singapore

Can you really live a day, even with all the amenities of life, without knowing what’s happening in your area or the country? A Singapore news app comes handy when you need to have anything that is public at your fingertips.

We’ve got three major names here such as SGSecure, CNA, and The Straits Times. These mobile apps are built to provide news specific to Singapore and the different neighborhoods. These apps are developed with all common features like push notifications and customisation of topics based on users’ interests.

Best Singapore Online Mobile Shopping Apps

As we thought, this article wouldn’t be complete without a few selections of e-commerce mobile apps in Singapore. By far, Qoo10, Lazada, and Carousell are the top mobile shopping apps built for the shoppers in Singapore.

Top Mobile Apps for Food Lovers in Singapore

What’s life without food and drink? People in this corner of the world love to eat just like others around the world. App developers from different companies have released dozens of mobile applications to make the life of a foodie better and more enjoyable.

Among those, the most popular ones for reservations and great deals include The Entertainer App and Eatigo. GrabFood, Deliveroo, and Foodpanda are among the top mobile apps in Singapore for food delivery.

Best Property Apps in Singapore is definitely one of the top Singapore property apps for those looking for HDBs, condos, landed property, and other real estate listings. Detailed search filters, interactive maps, and high-quality photos are available to let users get a lot of useful information like commuting duration to their workplaces, distance to key bus stations or supermarkets, floor size, etc.

Another important name is PropertyGuru that features search options, fully customisable of course. You can find listings applying criteria like price per sq. ft., the number of bedrooms, and price ranges across 210,000+ buildings in Singapore.

There are lots of other mobile applications to make life more comfortable. But the above ones are really worth your time based on our findings as a mobile app development company in Singapore.

If you’re looking for mobile app developers, we would like you to have a chat with us. Don’t worry about the cost of mobile apps in Singapore if you need a product that is very much like any of the above ones. Our mobile application development team can build a mobile app with all requirements fulfilled. Feel free to call us!

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