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Android application developers have to use a good number of tools which differ from each other in terms of their core functions and/or usability. The community of Android app developers is large, and so is the group of people engaged in the development of those tools.

As a mobile app development agency in Singapore, we have access to all of the advanced and popular Android app development technologies. Knowing about the required tech stacks and tools is a must for an app developer. What if you’re not into development?

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Then, you might be interested in hiring a mobile app development agency in Singapore. This discussion can be useful to you because you can at least ask the company if they know which tools to use.

This article discusses both the essential and optional Android development tools so that you can ask about them while interviewing your potential mobile app development agency in Singapore.

Android Software Development Kit (SDK)

Android SDK includes each library that is essential to the development of Android apps. Besides the staples, the SDK contains some extras which are used for compiling, debugging, and more.

Among all the tools of the Android SDK, the ADB shell can be considered an indispensable tool as it’s the ‘Android Debug Bridge’ which is basically a command-line tool used by developers who need to monitor a virtual or physical device while running a mobile application.

App developers don’t have to make any direct interactions with the SDK. The only thing that needs to be confirmed is that the program is on the computer on which the application is being developed.

The directory should be specified and noted because any alternative Integrated Development Environment (IDE), if your developer has one, needs to reference that directory. Getting the Android SDK is not difficult. You just need to get it downloaded from Google.

Android Studio

If you want to know, IDE is the most essential software program that allows developers to type their code into. The code is then packaged as the APK file which is what we install on our Android devices smartphones, tablets, and other devices.

Android Studio is the official Android development IDE that includes the SDK, image files, emulator, and more. The installation of these tools is straightforward and requires no additional or external files.

Some mobile app developers use Android Studio alongside Kotlin or Java, but these technologies are not very easy for beginners. Also, they are not the best choices when it comes to the development of 3D games.

This limitation makes app developers look for an alternative IDE, and at this point, we’ll talk about some of them.

Unity and Other Engines

If 2D and 3D game development is the sole purpose of a mobile app development agency in Singapore, Unity is arguably the most powerful and popular cross-platform IDE and game engine. Even non-game mobile apps can be developed using this engine.

Despite being limited to only a handful of Android developers who build mobile games on PC, Unreal has earned serious popularity as a 3D game engine. It’s safe to say Unreal is no match for Unity when 2D game development is in question.

Some other worthy alternatives include GameSalad, GameMaker, etc. These engines are not as flexible as the others mentioned above, but skilled game developers can bring impressive results using minimal coding.

Some highly esteemed titles on Google Play have been created with GameMaker: Studio. Speaking of GameSalad, app developers often consider it more of a tool suited to help them learn the job better.

Xamarin with Visual Studio

App developers in Singapore with a panache for using Visual Code can use Xamarin. This open-source platform is appealing to developers who are more accustomed to C# and less comfortable with Java.

Xamarin comes very handy when your mobile app development company wants to use a cross-platform tool for Android app development. It also lets them go beyond Android as it allows us to develop iOS apps and Windows applications.

Xamarin has almost everything that Google’s Android Studio does. We can build real applications, we mean native apps. However, it doesn’t come without its shortcomings such as limited convenience to use or access Java libraries. Also, developers often get updates for it at a later time.

B4X by Anywhere Software

You may not have heard of B4X because many developers in our community haven’t either. This Android development suite is actually a collection of tools for creating cross-platform mobile apps based on some BASIC programming languages.

Those who are still practicing the development or yet to enter the professional world may find it ideal for beginners. So, don’t get upset with your app developers if they are not very comfortable with Kotlin or Java. There is this particular platform.

App builders

As we’ve talked a lot about what Android mobile app developers should use or need, we’ll now let you know one good thing. Using App Builders, you can make your own Android app having to not rely on any programming or coding excellence.

These are the fundamental tools for Android developers. A great mobile app development agency in Singapore explores advanced options to access trendy concepts like remote collaboration, machine learning, etc.

Finally, we must acknowledge that the ability to use more than a few tools doesn’t necessarily make a mobile app development agency in Singapore better than another. What matters is the developer’s ability to employ those tools to the best of your advantage.

On some occasions, choice of tools has something to do with the cost of Android app development. So, you can ask your mobile app development company how they can ensure the use of the most efficient development tools and complete your app project on budget.

You know Android app development isn’t so simple as it sounds. You’ve a lot of things that could go wrong. So, being in touch with a trusted mobile app development agency is helpful. Well, we’re just a call away.


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