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UI/UX Design for Mobile App

We Create Outstanding UI/UX Design for Mobile App

We combine best-in-class web design, sophisticated UI elements, and an intuitive path to purchase to drive user engagement and conversion.

Orfeostory provides ongoing UI/UX design and constant iterative design improvements. The process is highly involved and requires deep collaboration on both sides.

UI/UX Design for Mobile App

UI/UX Design for Mobile App

Specialties of Our Mobile App UI/UX Design

Accessibility and Usability

Our designers create awareness about how we, as individuals who contribute to the content on the internet can be more sensitive towards improving the experiences we design for the differently-abled. Accessibility should always be considered from the beginning. When we design content that is accessible and inclusive, we are also designing for our future selves.

Credibility and Value

Credibility refers to the ability of the user to trust in the product you provide, in terms of your ethics, durability, and accuracy. If a user doesn’t trust your product, no amount of persuasion can remove that feeling. Pertaining to UX Design, trust is a user’s confidence in some quality or attribute of our design e.g. familiarity and transparency.


UX requires art and skill to move beyond human-to-computer interfaces and embrace human-to-human design. That is why UX is so imperative, it makes the stark difference between having a system that merely works, and having one that your users actually enjoy.

Orfeostory Dots

Mobile App UI/UX Design Service in Singapore

Partner with us to craft a holistic experience

As a full-service UI/UX design and mobile app development agency, we can create amazing solutions to make your customers get to know your brand better. This is the one of the foremost objectives of a mobile app, which we call interactions.

More interactions are often the results of a piece of UI/UX design that has the user intents reflected on its pixel by pixel. In all our UI/UX design projects, we keep up this trend. We’ve seen this is the only way to win in Singapore’s saturated market.

Orfeostory is a leading web design and WordPress agency based in Singapore. Our top-level belief is that people matter, and as an agency, we recognize that we’re every bit as good as the sum of our great people.

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Mobile App UI/UX Design FAQs

How Many Revisions Will Your Agency’s UI/UX Designers Perform?

We don’t create any UI design without proper approvals from our clients who are serious about great UI/UX design to be delivered through their mobile apps. But still, we’re eager to comply with your requests, should you want us to bring in anything distinct.

Are Your UI/UX Designers Competent Enough?

The job of UI/UX design is important as it can make or break whatever our developers have built. Poor UI/UX design hurts the prospects of a business regardless of all the hard work and investment. For a project of this much seriousness, you can only rely on those who have been doing this with success for years. Orfeostory got some of the most talented UI designers and development professionals in Singapore.

Did Your UI/UX Design Company Receive Accolades?

So far, we’ve received recognition from Awwwards which is an esteemed web design and development body based in Singapore that holds competition among professional web design companies which present eye-catching UI presentations. We feel also privileged to have been awarded the Muse Creative Award as a UI/UX design agency.

Can You Offer a More Competitive Deal?

We’ve set the prices for our UI/UX design services after months of research that allowed us to know how much clients are being charged for designing a UI. So, there’s very little possibility for you to end up paying us more than you would while working with another UI/UX design company in Singapore.


Are you looking for professional UI/UX design for mobile app in Singapore ?

You want the UI/UX design of your android app or iPhone application to be perfect for the users in Singapore, don’t you? Our company can deliver even if your budget is not big enough. So, call us or pay a visit to our agency today and see how we work.

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