Tips to Hire a WordPress Theme Developer in Singapore

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Launched in 2003, WordPress has dramatically changed how web developers go about creating a website. Despite the content management system’s uses being restricted to small business websites at the beginning, it’s now considered enough to be a go-to platform for website development. Behind this popularity are the WordPress themes that add life to the CMS.

With the necessity of having a WP theme understood, you’ve two ways to approach such as buying a premium WP theme or having one developed and tailored to your preferences.

wordpress theme development

Most WP paid themes are built to meet the expectations of a group of people or companies, not just an individual or a company. So, it’s not unlikely to see a lot of codes and properties, many of which won’t be required at all except for causing annoying issues like slow loading time, compromised performance, etc.

We know you don’t want to deal with any of these problems. Talking to a professional WordPress theme development company could be helpful. But how can you pick the right one? Well, this article answers the question and more. Kreep reading!

3 Qualities of a Trusted WordPress Theme Development Company

In Singapore, finding WordPress development services is pretty easy because most web development agencies have what it takes to offer this particular line of service. Without some understanding of what to expect, the odds are that you’ll end up hiring a company that cannot serve as you need.

So, what do you need to look for in a WordPress theme development company? If this seems a challenge to you, you can overcome this by only asking these three questions.

  • Can they develop a WordPress theme ensuring usability, performance, and relevance to your brand?
  • Do they have previous experience developing a WordPress theme for a business similar to yours?
  • Are they reliable and trusted when it comes to regular updates, maintenance, and emergency technical support?

Ability to Develop a Great WordPress Theme

Developing a WordPress theme without any thoughtful approach to it is easy. But you must ensure that your WP theme is built to be robust, standard, useful, and scalable, especially when you need it to support your business.

So, a great WP theme is not really good for you unless you can benefit from it. Nonetheless, certain attributes are essential regardless of the purpose.

First up, a WordPress theme must have a professional design to support its configuration and features. The theme should be responsive across all devices used by your audience in Singapore.

A fairly large portion of Singaporeans use android devices, and the size of the population using iOS devices is well over a third of the total. What does it mean? Your WordPress theme must be mobile-ready and retina-display ready.

The next thing is about the programming side. A professional WordPress website development company must be able to follow standard and efficient coding practice, so the code is well-organized, and easily modifiable when required.

An ideal WordPress theme should have the options to let you design sections like separate and customisable sections for services, portfolio, testimonial, and blog.

WordPress themes are known for coming with an assortment of elements and tools like featured sliders, multiple page styles, widgets, social sharing options, validated contact forms, color pickers, and most importantly an easy-to-use page builder with a comprehensive design bundle.

The scope of customization and plugin integration is critical to a WordPress theme. If a WordPress theme development company builds a theme that is not highly customisable and perfectly compatible with most WP plugins, chances are that you look for another that offers all of these.

Although SEO isn’t a part of WordPress theme development services, few websites can be used to the advantages of the owners if the sites aren’t SEO-friendly. It means the WordPress web development company you want to hire should be able to develop a theme with close attention to the conventions of search engine optimization.

Proven Experience to Develop Custom WP Theme for Your Type of Business

Why is this important when you can hire a wordpress development agency that knows what makes a WP theme as good as any on the market? You know a WP theme that is built for businesses like yours may have the essentials. What if you want to work in a different way than your competitors, and so you need the WP theme to help you accordingly?

That’s where a WordPress theme has to be relevant to your marketing strategy as well as business goals. A WordPress development agency should understand how one company is unique to its customers and different from its competitors.

Ask the WordPress theme development company you want to work with if they have any examples or previous work to show how much they know about the type of your business. Don’t lose hope if one WordPress web development company fails to demonstrate experience. There are dozens of Singapore-based agencies with experience and rich portfolios.

Update and Maintenance Support

As a WordPress website is an asset to your company, the theme using which it’s built is proprietary too. At times, you may need to enhance the functional aspects of your WordPress website or you may even want to add third-party tools. Either way, support from the wordpress theme development company that built it is crucial.

All web development agencies in Singapore cannot maintain great reputation in this regard, no matter how convincing they may seem. You can look into the work history and reviews of a WordPress web development company before hiring.

For you to be able to find the right wordpress theme development company in Singapore, there are many other considerations to make, but all of them fall within the above ones in one way or another.

Wondering how to choose the best WordPress theme development services? We never claim to be the finest of all WP developers in Singapore. Instead, we welcome our potential clients to see for themselves what kind of WP theme we can develop and how our theme can make a positive difference.

Besides theme development, our developers are adept at WordPress website design too. Feel free to call us and ask for a quote anytime.


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