What is creative website developer and designer

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When it comes to website, most people think that it is a one man’s job. However, creating a website requires 2 people to do it. One of it would be the website designer and the other would be the website developer.

First and foremost, there is a difference between a website developer and a website designer. Website designer is someone who design on how the website should look like. They are the ones who focus on look and feel of a website. The group of people who plan out the colour scheming, graphic design and also the information flow. After all this has been done, the website designer will pass the prototype to the website developer. They will then execute the idea of what the designer have come up with. Basically they are the ones who are in-charge of coding the website out.

website developer and designer

However, what makes a creative website developer? A developer really need to work well with the designer. It is more of a team work rather than individual. This is because how the developer visualise the website may not be how the designer visualise it to be. They both work together towards a singular goal which is to create a website or app that entices and attracts users. Being a creative website developer and designer will certainly make your website stand out from the crowd. Do something that not all developers and designers out there do. Be creative in a sense that you have what others don’t. There are a lot of aspects to take note of when it comes to creative. Aspects like different font combinations, spacing, visual balance and the hierarchy. The website designer are the ones in-charge of this and from there, the website developer will execute it.

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