Why Become a Mobile App Developer in Singapore?

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More than half of the global population has at least one smartphone, and mobile app developers continue to be in high demand. These two facts alone can motivate many people to pursue the particular career. But what is so special about Singapore?

The nation is more heavily invested in technological innovations than many of the world’s developed countries. According to App Annie, people in Singapore are on top considering mobile app usage and downloads.

Is that all to be happy about being a mobile app developer in Singapore? Let’s have a look at some relevant statistics.

  • Last year, mobile penetration rate (the population engaged in using mobile) reached at an all-time high 154.1%.

  • According to Indeed Singapore, the average monthly salary is S$5,809 for android developers and S$5,852 for iOS developers.

  • Mobile apps help increase productivity in the workplace, according to Apperian Enterprise that conducted Mobile App Study to discover actionable insights for organizations in different countries including Singapore.

What can we make of the above facts? Mobile app development might not be the top field of employment. But it is undeniably an attractive path because the fastest growing segment in the ICT industry of Singapore is Information Services, and this particular segment relies mostly on mobile apps.

Besides, the ICT sector is expected to create employment opportunities for 210,000 people this year. Doesn’t this indicate optimism for mobile app developers? The government has already recognized mobile apps as the most reliable tools to deal with development challenges in the coming decades.

Mobile App Developer

In line with this understanding, Singapore’s government has decided to spend up to S$3.5b in various ICT contracts, and 50% of those contracts will go to SMEs. Key areas include,

  • New tech tool development in response to COVID-19

  • Improvement of digital services oriented towards citizens and businesses

  • Establishment of cloud-based ICT systems

  • Revamp of the ICT infrastructure

  • Introduction to AI, data analytics, and smart sensors

All of these areas require the integration of mobile app technologies, which means more opportunities for those who specialize in this field. But good things don’t stop here. Let’s focus on another side to this discussion.

One of ways for these professionals to generate revenue is to make their products available on the two biggest marketplaces such as Google Play and iTunes.

Mobile App Developer in Singapore

Singaporean publishers are less than 1% of the total number of publishers across the world. This number might not be very relevant. Well, here’s a few more facts about mobile app monetization that might interest you.

  • More than 6% of apps from publishers in Singapore are paid whereas 3% of other apps are paid.

  • Ads are included in 40% of apps from Singaporean developers, and 39% of apps from others include ads.

  • 14% of mobile apps from Singapore’s publishers allow In-App Purchases whereas only 4% of apps from other publishers do the same.

  • 37% of apps created by developers in Singapore are available for Android and iOS users. Only 22% of apps from other publishers are compatible with both platforms.

What can you deduce from the above facts and figures? Apart from the earning potentials and opportunities, a mobile app developer gets the chance to join the ever-growing workforce that contributes to a nation striving to be smart and progressive.

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