8 Reasons to Show Why You Need Animated Videos for Business

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Living in a business hub like Singapore, you need to formulate a content marketing strategy that stands and outpaces your competition. For that you can combine many elements including animated videos for business.

But how does an animation video help your business? Well, using animation videos for business is one of the proven ways to improve conversion and sales. If you run a small business, an explainer video is an effective marketing strategy for you to get maximum visibility in the market.

animated videos for business

A great and engaging animation grabs the viewer’s attention and speaks for your company. This article will unveil the benefits of an explainer video for business. Happy reading!

What Is an Explainer Video?

It is a short, eye-catching, and quintessential animation video that summarizes the most important aspects of companies, products, and services.

In recent times, digital marketing has shifted from static images to interactive visual content to make a storytelling message. Maybe, you’ve heard, “If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million.”

Nothing can be more convenient than a marketing tool that speaks for your brand and entertains the audience at the same time. So, if a video is not part of your digital campaign yet, it is time to start with one.

Technology is evolving every day and changing the way consumers view and digest information. With a fast-paced society and emerging trends in Singapore, every marketer should understand the fruitfulness of animated videos for business.

Why Do You Need Animated Videos for Business?

Because 76% of consumers in Singapore watch online videos daily and 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video. Statistics suggest that the brands that neglect video marketing will miss out on reaching the majority of consumers. Also, if you feel you need a more interesting way to represent your brand, an animated video can add the spice.

Here are eight undeniable reasons why you should choose animated videos for business marketing.

1. Animation is engaging

Think about what draws your attention while browsing a website. Generic text or magnetic visuals like an animation video? It is the movement that your eyes are attracted to. So, the movement that the visual content creates naturally grabs viewers’ attention.

Besides, an animation video adds a light-hearted touch to your audience and keeps them focused on the content, thereby increasing brand awareness. In recent years, almost every interactive website in Singapore uses explainer videos with the intent to expand their reach and multiply conversions.

2. Audience won’t feel bored of annoying ads.

Study says, roughly 40 percent of internet users in Singapore use ad-block because they feel ads to be boring and unreasonable. Think about advertising animation. Isn’t it more fun than merely a marketing instrument? The short videos deliver clearer and quicker communication and creatively convey information to be memorable. Even animated ads are much cheaper than live-motion ones, saving time while standing out from the crowd.

3. Explainer videos help increase buying intent

The success of any digital marketing campaign ultimately is measured by the sales rate. An informative and entertaining animation video can push your customers closer to purchase and increase conversion rate. Do you really need to think otherwise? From a customers’ perspective in Singapore, an explainer video is the first step of choosing a product that eventually leads to a purchase.

4. Animation video simplifies complex topics

Did it ever occur to you that you failed to understand a single thing from an entire article? Study suggests that viewers retain 95% of the video’s message while they remember 10% of a text. Why is this? Because animated explainer videos bring concepts to life in a way that text or images can’t. When a complex topic cannot be explained through text or infographics, video animation comes as a solution to simplify it and produce interesting content.

5. Animation builds better interactions with clients

Your brand’s message is better delivered when your audience remembers it. Animation video production provides a perfect opportunity for brands to deliver their content uniquely and innovatively which makes the brand more memorable. Animation evokes emotion and builds a head-to-heart between you and your viewers and pushes them to follow the story.

6. Don’t miss the chance of higher viewership and share

People tend to share the content they find simple yet interesting to consume. “Social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined,” experts said. It doesn’t matter whether you use animation in your website or advertising; a well-created animation creates a higher possibility to get enhanced views and shares.

7. Explainer video drives more traffics

If your videos are SEO-friendly and then added to your website, they can be a great driver of web traffic. Up to 157%, organic traffic can be made when you use an effective video on your web content.

Besides, when people share your videos on social media, it creates an inbound link which is crucial for SEO ranking. Even it increases the chances to rank your website up to 45 times on the first page of Google. All these numbers make sense for your Singapore-based business as well.

8. Animation is fun

One interesting fact about people is they always love being entertained even if it is about business. So, the more fun you can create in your explainer video, the greater reach you can expect. Besides entertainment, animation is full of other possibilities. It doesn’t need to be accurate or realistic, it can rather be a creative or imaginative way to show off your brand personality in just a few minutes.

Whiteboard animation, 2D character animation, live-action animation, and 2D infographics animation are some of the most popular types of animation used for video marketing.

Undoubtedly, explainer videos are one of the best marketing tools. But do all videos are useful in the same way? Well, they are not. Nonetheless, animated videos for business are assets like no other, and you’ve already learnt why.

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