WordPress Multisite Setup: Does Your Singapore Business Need It?

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WordPress Multisite brings several advantages to those who use it appropriately and for good reasons. But that may not be the case for everyone’s business. Your Singapore-based company may not benefit from WordPress multisite setup just the way another can. Let’s try to understand why WordPress multisite setup isn’t for just about any company in Singapore.

What’s WordPress Multisite?

A powerful feature of WordPress, WordPress Multisite allows developers to build a “network” of as many subsites as required using a single WordPress installation. It’s technically a network of websites having a single database and file system. These subsites can also be the variations of a single domain.

WordPress developers typically build two types of these networks such as subdomain and subdirectory. It’s also possible for developers to map domains of their choices to an existing subsite. Look at the following examples.

wordpress multisite setup
  • An example of subdomain: site.domain.com
  • An example of subdirectory: domain.com/site


WordPress multisite setup, if carried out correctly, can reduce much of your legwork by making the job of monitoring free of hassles. Despite this convenience, you shouldn’t jump right away into a conclusion that’s all in favor of multisite.

Is WordPress Multisite Suitable for Every Business in Singapore?

Each website on your WordPress multisite setup shares the one common database. It means your WordPress developers can’t take a backup of only one website in which case all subsites on your network need to be in the main domain.

A considerable number of clients who hired us for WordPress multisite setup is either a school or a university, or similar educational institute. So, getting WordPress Multisite allows them to have different websites dedicated for each of their departments along with students and faculty members, forums, and blogs.

Since the subsites are designed to share a common database with the principal domain, the clients would find those sites easier and more convenient to manage using a Multisite network.

We can mention another set of examples. Think about financial institutions and banks which usually have a global or national network of offices or branches. The same idea is applicable to a digital publication that has multiple sections or a government office having several departments.

You may have seen that these use cases are specifically in favor of WordPress multisite setup, but there’s another side to this discussion.

When it comes to a local business in Singapore that helps customers with a variety of unrelated demands, WordPress multisite setup may not just be the best approach. As a WordPress theme development company, we cannot use WordPress multisite to manage the different unrelated projects from our clients.

If one client wanted to move his/her website somewhere else, we would face a serious problem because that website must be sharing the database with all others on the same network. Besides, multisite only makes it challenging for us to back up a single individual website, which is why we choose to go for a single WordPress installation for our case.

When to Choose WordPress Multisite for Your Business in Singapore?

There are cases where you’ll find WordPress multisite setup useful. When you’re comfortable with your sites sharing one common WordPress theme, core files, and plugins, this is perhaps the most cost-effective way to get your business/company online.

Remember that any updates that you might want those sites to have will occur once at a time without requiring you to log into all of those individual sites. In addition, this type of network makes the management of subdomains easy in a single dashboard, we mean the central one.

However, there are certain cases where you would want something different from WordPress multisite setup. Let us state a few of those reasons.

  • If none of the above situations that we discussed above applies to your very business, you should ask a professional WordPress development company to help you choose the right WordPress development process.
  • Avoid WordPress multisite setup if you need to manage more than one website having unrelated features and purposes to serve because those cases require the use of different design schemes, themes, and plugins, which cannot be done with WordPress multisite setup.
  • If your business needs a single website, or your company needs multiple websites with each requiring significant functional changes or customisation.

In Singapore, all industries and associated sectors enjoy a fair share of the opportunities. So, WordPress multisite setup can be a good solution to many problems given that it has been chosen accordingly.

What Do You Need for WordPress Multisite Setup?

You could hire a reputable WordPress web development company in Singapore and stay assured that things would not go wrong for your business. But knowledge about the specific technical requirements of a multisite network is always valuable.

You should proceed with finding the right website hosting company that has the resources to handle several domains in one plan. Using shared hosting might seem an affordable choice, but that’s only appropriate when you expect to run 2-3 websites with a few hundred visitors.

However, a dedicated or VPS hosting server is always a wise choice if you’re really serious about running a comprehensive multisite network. Don’t worry about the installation if hiring a WP development agency seems feasible to you.

Finally, we recommend that you get back to where you started. Take your time before choosing WordPress multisite setup and realizing how you and your Singapore-based audience can benefit from the multisite network.

Wondering what to start with? Well, our WordPress multisite development services include free consultation to help clients figure out the potential for such a network for their business. All you need to do is make a call and let us do the thinking for you.


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