Tips for Hiring a WordPress Plugin Development Agency in Singapore

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You might have heard this, “There must have been a plugin for this.” This hearsay may not be true in your case where your Singapore-based business may have a specific need that cannot be met by your existing WP website because of not including a particular feature or function.

The best course of action is to contact a WordPress plugin development company and discuss the project with them. We know it’s not as easy or as it sounds. If you think about WordPress plugin development from scratch, that’s a lot of work from hiring the right WordPress plugin developers to assessing WordPress plugin development cost and having access to all WordPress plugin development tools.

WordPress plugin development

There are concerns about WordPress plugin issues once it’s been developed. Again, your website may not work for you well due to some kind of WordPress plugin vulnerability. Thus, the support from WordPress plugin development professionals is crucial as long as your site uses a WordPress plugin.

It goes without saying that you need a WordPress plugin development company that knows how to empower your website in a way that it can serve the conscious audience in Singapore. How do you find one? In fact, this article is meant to inform you of several considerations to make the hiring process easy and efficient.

Ideal WordPress plugin developers are aware of the varying demands of businesses, especially those with the compulsion to have online presence. We’ll tell you how you can recognize the right WordPress development agency.

Proven Ability to Complete a WordPress Plugin Development Project Successfully

You’ll learn the key qualities of a WordPress plugin, so you can understand if a WP development company in Singapore really has the required experience.

Documentation and Security

Thorough technical documentation and top-notch support should be the one of the priorities you need to consider. Security is an integral part of a WordPress plugin development project. Regardless of the type of plugins you’ve in mind, it must be protected against XSSS exploitation and SQL injection. In addition, the theme shouldn’t print sensitiver user information into the JavaScript code.

Proper Optimization

There are many things to consider here aside from code performance and optimized database calls. Here are a few outside-of-the-box examples:

A plugin should not load unnecessary CSS and Javascript files if it doesn’t need to. For example, there is no need to load the same CSS and Javascript files on every wp-admin page if it is only being used on one plugin settings page.

Since WP Super Cache is one of the most popular ways to fight traffic storms, a good plugin makes an effort to be compatible with WP Super Cache.

WordPress is always being enhanced (new functions/features added and old ones deprecated). A good plugin stays up to date with these API changes. For example, wp_enqueue_script() and wp_enqueue_style() help avoid reloading the same CSS or Javascript file. wp_enqueue_script() has been available since version 2.1 and wp_enqueue_style() since version 2.6, but I still see many plugins not using them.

Admin UI

An intuitive user interface for the admin is important. Huge plugin configuration pages can confuse the user. It is best to group similar options into its own sub-page. It might also be helpful to group advanced features onto its own page or have them hidden by default. That way new users won’t get intimidated by confusing options.

Localization Support

Not everybody is comfortable with English. Great plugins are aware of this and are coded with localization support. So, proper localization support is something that a WordPress plugin development agency in Singapore should be able to provide.

Update Process

The upgrade process should be seamless. As a plugin gets revised, there are bound to be more configuration options or database changes. A good plugin should be able to handle these database changes seamlessly upon upgrade. There are a few ways to do this.

One method is to keep track of configuration option fields. If the option field is missing, then populate it with the default value.

Another method is to keep track of the last upgraded version as one of the hidden plugin settings. On each wp-admin page load, the plugin can check the last upgraded version against the current version and perform a database upgrade operation if necessary.

Error Messages That Make Sense

When things go wrong with the plugin, there should be a meaningful error message hinting at the problem. That way, the user can troubleshoot it themselves without having to ping the author for support.

For example, there are quite a few plugins out there that require you to grant server write permissions to a folder before it can work properly. Failing to do so causes the plugin to silently fail or to bark with weird error messages.

Quick Installation

A good WordPress plugin development company in Singapore should have the plan to build a plugin that is easy to install without requiring the user to face any challenging steps.

We have seen plugins that require you to modify code after plugin activation to be able to get it to work properly. The instructions were documented clearly in the readme.txt file, but most of the users seem to have missed it.

Not everybody reads the installation instructions inside the readme.txt file. The plugin should make an attempt to be able to run straight out of the box after activating no matter how complicated it is.

Easy Uninstallation

Finally, one thing we’ve noticed in many WordPress plugin development experts in Singapore. The majority of plugins we see leave a bit of a footprint in the database after the user deactivated and deleted it. Some even leave a whole table in the database. Great WordPress plugins give you the option to “uninstall” and wipe out all information regarding the plugin.

Wishing to hire a reliable WordPress plugin development team in Singapore that can ensure all of these factors? Let’s discuss your project.


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