How A Responsive Website Can Help Your Business Grow?

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In the digital marketing sphere, responsive websites have gained a lot of traction. Mobile phones and tablets have transformed how we access and view websites in recent years. On top of that, Singapore is a country where smartphone users have exceeded 4.65 million. As a result, most people use multiple devices, such as tablets and smartphones to search for products and services online. In addition, Google Analytics reports that between 30-50% of website traffic is generated through mobile devices, suggesting that responsive design plays an essential role in its algorithm.

Therefore, there’s no doubt that responsive websites transform the user experience. But why is it so beneficial for a company to have responsive websites, and why is it essential for growth and development? Here, we’ll explain to you through the process how responsive websites can maximize your digital marketing strategy in Singapore most effectively.

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Responsive Web Design in A Nutshell

It is often challenging to comprehend responsive design in its truest sense, despite constantly hearing how vital it is. But it is crucial to have a clear understanding of responsive websites before hiring a web design company for your project in Singapore. In essence, the purpose of responsive design is to make a system that adapts to the size of the user’s screen. In other words, it will create a flexible and responsive web page to suit the device used to access it to optimize the user’s browsing experience.

Let’s explore the purposes responsive website design serves-

  • To create a web experience that is consistent across all devices
  • To allows the site to fit any screen size without requiring any code adjustments
  • To make websites accessible to customers on any device
  • To provide the business with a simple interface on any device the customer chooses
  • To give the same features and similar experience of the website to users on any device
  • To take advantage of the growing use of mobile search by customers
  • To boost business and cater to mobile and on-the-go audiences
  • To bring audiences up to date on the site’s products and service

The website design must target the right audience and take businesses in the right direction toward growth. It’s important to remember that your website must function correctly on all devices if you want prospects to convert.

How does Responsive Web Design Work?

A responsive website design adapts itself automatically to the screen size or device, whether it is a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. Instead of designing different layouts for different devices, a responsive site checks the device’s size and adjusts itself accordingly. It uses CSS to distinguish other style properties based on devices, orientations, resolutions, and color capabilities. It then becomes necessary to know if your website is responsive. You can determine this via your web browser. Open your desktop site and press’ control, shift, I’ to launch Chrome DevTools. Press’ control, shift, M’ to toggle the device toolbar. You can also check whether it looks good on a mobile phone, tablet, or desktop computer using free tools such as Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test.

Nevertheless, you must keep in mind that the layout you choose for your website must work for both desktops and mobile devices. Moreover, you should also avoid using lots of multimedia on your website, high-resolution images, or any other engaging elements since they can slow down the loading time on a mobile device.

Responsive Website to Benefit Your Business Growth

Google Ranking:

We want our users to have an excellent user experience on any device, regardless of their device. You can achieve the best user experience with a responsive website that runs across all devices seamlessly.

Therefore, websites that provide users with excellent user experiences on multiple devices will consistently be ranked high in Google’s search engine results if they focus on delivering high-quality content. After all, Google provided several reasons to emphasize this particular design principle.

Higher Conversion:

Having a good user experience is crucial to increasing conversion rates. According to Google Analytics, responsive websites also enable users to remain on a website for a more extended period. As a result, bounce rates decrease, and conversions increase. Digital marketing strategies in Singapore should aim to achieve this objective, and a responsive website is the best method.


Having a responsive website design will improve your customers’ offline browsing experience. You can use high-quality content and responsive design to connect with your audience across all platforms. In addition, a responsive design will enhance HTML5’s offline capabilities, making your sites accessible even when the user is offline. A more significant percentage of people in Singapore will consume email, newsletters, and content that are formatted in hybrid HTML5 since they do not require constant access to the internet.


You won’t have to update and manage content over multiple sites with a responsive website, so content management becomes more accessible. It is, therefore, both time- and cost-effective. When you have one administrative interface, you can take advantage of layout and workflow tools and manage content across all types of devices in an enhanced manner.

How Much to Spend on Responsive Websites in Singapore?

Your corporate website’s cost will depend on the features you want. If you want an essential web page with CMS integration, Enquiry form, Responsive web design, your corporate developers in Singapore may charge you between SGD 800 to 1200.

You may need to invest SGD 1500 to 2000 or even more for advanced website development. The advanced e-commerce website will include:

  • CMS integration,
  • Enquiry form,
  • Contact us page with a map
  • Mobile responsive web design
  • Payment integration,
  • Shopping cart,
  • Integration of email subscription module (if required),
  • Free web hosting for 1st year,

For an advanced eCommerce website development, the eCommerce developers in Singapore may charge you more than $5000. The advanced e-commerce website will include:

  • Product management.
  • Discount coupon management.
  • Shipping management.
  • Payment gateway management.
  • Mobile responsive web design.
  • Payment integration.
  • CMS integration.
  • Import & export products.
  • Integration with 3rd party accounting software.
  • Integration with other 3rd party APIs.
  • Integration of email subscription module.
  • Free web hosting for 1st year.

However, it depends on how qualified, experienced, and other skills the developers at an agency are regarding responsive website design in Singapore.

Want to know more? Contact Orfeostory for a quote, and we’ll help you create your successful corporate responsive website for your company in Singapore.

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