Why Is WordPress Popular in Singapore These Days?

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WordPress is known as the most widely used content management system (CMS). Ease of use, security, and other factual reasons contribute to this popularity. But do the same reasons matter when it comes to its popularity in a market like Singapore where most users have access to all of the world’s most sophisticated technologies?

The popularity of the CMS is still greater than all other platforms used by businesses and professionals in Singapore, and the reasons are almost the same except for some significant considerations. In this article, we’ll explain why WordPress is so popular in Singapore.

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Security and WordPress

Singapore ranks sixth in the world in terms of the number of databases on the internet, which means lots of cyber criminals are busy trying to exploit. Having access to the web, four fifths of the city-state’s population are concerned about cyber security, and the government has also responded with due diligence. All these factors necessitate the adoption of secure technologies in all spheres of the world of internet.

WordPress with the lion’s share in the CMS market cannot stay behind others in the competition, a truth the community has realised long ago. In practice, no CMS is found to be 100% secure as of today. However, WordPress has an industry-standard security apparatus for its core software which is not very vulnerable unless the people responsible for a website’s security fail to maintain best security practices.

For business owners, it is essential to know that WordPress sites shouldn’t be a source of worries if they follow standard practices, taking the matter of security seriously. While the word standard might bring a lot of preferences to the minds of WordPress website developers, what we call best practices typically includes the use and updates of trusted security plugins. Besides, safe themes, plugins and login procedures should be used.

We don’t necessarily mean that other content management systems or applications are less secure or worse. The point is WordPress has been designed in a way that your effort to maintain its security won’t be too much or costly if you can find a trusted web development company to help you or the knowledge about its security requirements.

Site Speed and WordPress

Wouldn’t you appreciate it if you visit a website that loads in just 2-3 seconds? Sure, you’ll do, and Singaporeans are no different when it comes to loving a fast-loading website that delivers a smooth user experience. Associated strictly with WordPress are several factors that affect the site speed. Some of those factors include the use of images, quality of themes, and the number of plugins.

There are thousands of high-quality themes that are not bloated with unnecessary features or scripts to affect the site speed. To help you manage your WordPress website without worrying about its overall loading speed, there are tons of free and safe plugins that are tested and proven to handle essential tasks.

Interactivity and WordPress

The performance of a website mostly depends on how simple and streamlined yet effective its essential features are. The features being interactive and the UI elements being responsive can bring life to a website, adding value to its users, thereby making it easy for the client to gain the much-needed momentum when it comes to the fierce competition that prevails in Singapore.

An interactive website responds to users’ mouse movements as it’s designed to adapt to their choices, creating a useful feedback loop. One of the goals of an interactive website is to ensure the utilisation of the various features so that visitors can immediately feel that the site responds well enough to their inputs. But why are we even talking about interactivity in this article?

Interactivity at its best pays off by capturing visitors’ attention and influencing their decision to connect with your company or business. This engagement translates to an easy sales funnel and eventually great results for your business. However, we haven’t explained what WordPress, which is only a CMS, has to do with it? Here you go.

Bringing interactivity into a WordPress website is easy if you know which tools to adopt. The huge community that keeps this popular platform alive has made thousands of plugins available to help you enhance the experience of the audience. You just need to find the right collection of plugins and be able to customise them to your requirements.

It is, in fact, easy to design an interactive website without relying on WordPress. But there is a considerable amount of time and budget involved. We don’t necessarily mean that everything about WordPress is free. But on most occasions, websites built with WordPress cost less than the ones developed with other technologies, especially when you expect a standard level of interactivity.

You don’t have to make the journey alone. In Singapore, you can choose to hire a reputable WordPress web development company and discuss the possibility of your business. Make your expectations heard and considered well.

Concerns about Website Maintenance and WordPress

Most business owners in Singapore tend to rely on web development agencies to handle the maintenance work. With WordPress, maintenance becomes easy since a large part of it is completed by only updating the plugins and performing a few tasks that are easy. With proper guidance/ instructions, you can handle it yourself.

However, some technical aspects of the CMS and the specific requirements of some businesses may lead to the necessity of hiring a professional WordPress development company. The ease of use contributes to most WordPress web development agencies charging a small maintenance fee. So, you won’t face much of a hassle if you can hire a qualified web development company for the job.

Do you still need to discuss the possibility of having a WordPress website with some WordPress experts? Feel free to let us know. We are here to help.

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